Vintage Darling

As we know that retro and vintage design are considered as outdated. It have amazing benefits which are overlooked by the modern designers. Basically the impression of retro design is old looking, unattractive, dull and boring. But when I started looking at amazing posters which are designed in the earlier times, I just fell in love with them. I learned a lot by looking and observing vintage posters.

Some of my favourite posters are:

Mads Berg’s Illustration

You can find him here

This is designed by Evgeniy Kiselev

This is a mid-century ad-print which is done beautifully.

Here we can see the beautiful play of typography(year 1969).

Poster for Ulrich schnauss. Beautiful dynamics and color combination.

From all these posters and design I learned a lot and would be using some similar combinations in my future designs. Studying these designs and taking inspiration from them is really important for me. As designer’s we all have to continuously evolve our creative skillset and learn more about various color and typographies. Getting inspired from retro design and combining it with our modern approach is not a bad idea! I think this will create more interesting design results.

So keep learning, keep sharing!

So which one is your favourite? Leave comments below or if you have any other favourite poster/artwork then paste the link :)