The Increasing demand for Cartoon Shows in Hindi

Hindi Cartoons are the sought after shows which the kids wish to see more of these days. The drastic improvement in the quality of the content proffered and the animation has led to an increase in their demand. While this is no miracle considering Indian animation Industry was always trying their level best to break the triumphant run of the foreign cartoon shows. It is the result of a positive mindset to present the children with stories that originate from their own cultural history. While a person can never deny that American cartoons always had a greater influence on our generations of kiddos but things have gradually begun to change.

If it was earlier about Child ‘A’ fighting with Child ‘B’ regarding the more super powered being in between Superman and Batman; the core of argument has shifted to Superman Versus Bheem. Kids these days don’t entirely root for the gods and monsters belonging to the west but their very own country. They vouch for more characters with whom they could not only resonate but also feel proud to argue about with their friends. The foremost reason behind the massive success of Rakesh Roshan’s ‘Krrish’ was that it was the first ever live action Indian superhero movie.

It is tenable that the kids and adults belonging to the pre-twentieth century weren’t much interested in comic book stuff but things evolved dramatically after the technological advancement in the country. The cheaper television sets and the widespread availability of Cable and DTH made it easier for the people to entertain themselves. And it didn’t take much time for the international broadcast networks to outwit the success of limited native channels.

While Cartoons like Mowgli and Malgudi Days used to be kids favorite; foreign offerings like The Simpsons, Popeye, Tom and Jerry Show slowly allured the entire generation. It has been considerable amount of time since then and the strong domination of overseas content that still pertains justifies their comprehensive understanding of the work they are dealing into.

But with time, Indian anime has enhanced itself and ultimately cracked the code towards outplaying their competitors by bestowing their target audience with the content they want. In contrast to the largely fictitious superheroes of the west, Indian heroes are maneuvered out of the glorious pages of history. Be it Chhota Bheem or Little Krishna; most of the characters are derived out of the legends.

There is a substantial improvement in the quantity of native cartoon channels as well. Maha Cartoon TV is one of the country’s leading Hindi Cartoon channels that are proffering the kids with homegrown cartoon characters which equally inspires as they entertain. Incorporating a wide catalogue full of great cartoon shows, the channel is a must see for kids.Visit the company website for further information: