International SIM Cards vs Local SIM Cards

Using your existing SIM on an international trip is an unusual idea, and often a bad one. Most of the service providers would levy sky high roaming charges, and you would be left in the lurch while paying them. That’s why people go for either international SIM cards or visiting country SIM card also known as local SIM card. Here are a few things you should know about these SIM cards while making a decision to buy them:

Local SIM Cards

You will be buying a SIM from a local store once you reach your destination country. Many countries would ask for your proof of residency to buy the SIM. Besides, there are not lucrative plans attached with the SIM many times that refrain you from buying a local SIM of a visiting country. Apart from this, there are other things that you should consider like:

If you are travelling to more than one country, you will have many SIM cards and that can be a hassle in itself.

You will have to bear the burden of circulating a new phone number to all your existing contacts.

Your friends and family back home will have to bear international roaming cost as they will be calling an international phone number.

You have to find a shop first to buy the SIM. Here language can be a problem as buying a SIM may require heavy documentation and you would feel inconvenient if you don’t understand the language well.

Opting for a recharge or topping up in altogether different language can be a challenge in itself.

International SIM Cards

Buying an international SIM card can save you from the hassle of circulating a new contact every time you visit a different country. Moreover, you can use SIM for multiple location. Isn’t that convenient? Besides, there is a lot more to the picture:

There is probably more coverage as these kinds of SIMs are designed for travel purpose only.

One SIM for multiple location acts save time, money and energy.

No hassle of circulating a new number to everyone if you are visiting multiple countries.

International SIM cards provide the option of free incoming in most of the countries.

There are lucrative plans on texts, talk and data.

With an online account, you can top up without any language difficulty.

With these benefits, once would opt for an international SIM card only. But there’s another way out. Ajura, an international roaming app, can be your best escape from high roaming charges. No need of buying a SIM or circulating a new contact. Just installing the app would solve the purpose. You can also use Ajura with your international SIM card and enjoy roaming at low cost.


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