Sultan Moni announces new expansion plan for Zatiq

Peterborough based startup, Zatiq, is now expanding their services around the globe and increasing access to meals locally in Peterborough.

Zatiq has partnered up with Luxér Corp. to expand its operations to Africa. Its first location will be in Lagos, Nigeria this summer with 35 businesses.

They are also launching this summer within Pakistan. Zatiq Cofounder, Junaid Amjad will directly manage and operate the Pakistan and South Asia operation. Amjad, Cofounded Zatiq along with serial entrepreneur and current CEO of Zatiq, Sultan Moni.

“We are very excited for this expansion. Pakistan is home to millions of foodies and restaurants. This is truly a great product and I think the public will enjoy it,” says Amjad.

Since launching the app in July 2017 that connects local meal options with a consumers food preference, over 50 restaurants in Peterborough have partnered with Zatiq to provide their menu on its platform, including Popeye’s and Silk Roots Fusion Cuisine. With the extent of businesses in the food industry participating in the app, Moni has since implemented an augmented reality smart menu, so users can see an exact visual of how their meal will look in 3D. They are also introducing a customer relationship management software for restaurants to manage their workflow better.

The app best solves the recurring issue of deciding what to eat for their next meal. A 2017 survey found 42 per cent of Canadians are either buying ready-to-eat meals or eating at a restaurant once or twice a week, while another 3 per cent admitted to doing so on a daily basis. With the Zatiq app, users have easy access to their local options and are more likely to choose a meal quickly.

Zatiq is currently available for download on Google Play Store.