I Do Not Exist — On Being Female with Asperger’s Through the Movements
Mary Goodman

Thanks for sharing. I also really enjoyed the way you wrote this article. I relate to some of the things you’ve describe but also much of it is a bit different. I’d like to think we could get along if we ever interacted much, but now I’m on the West coast. While I was on the east coast, I was in too insecure of a state myself to be able to have the courage to interact with you as I found you intimidating mostly because I felt a lot of self-imposed pressure to interact “successfully” with you and was afraid of fucking it up. That and the first time I met you, you were roleplaying in a sexually aggressive manner (night market), which was extra intimidating for me at the time because I couldn’t respond in kind. Hope things become more successful for you over time…

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