There is no “technology industry”
Anil Dash

Humane Technology and the Innovation Chain

Recent articles on Humane Technology cover a set of attributes that enriches our true understanding of technology. They offer a far more rounded description than is covered in the conventional literature.

However these articles do not seem to cover the true origins of the term technology, and how the concept of technology can be “packaged” into a coherent view embracing the full spectrum of technological specialties.

Such a coherent view has been suggested by Gunther Ropohl. We now call it the “functionality grid” and use it in various analytical studies involving technology. In the illustration below it is used to illustrate how technology fits in to the innovation chain — i.e. the chain of events that sources scientific discoveries to enhance technological performance for the benefit of humanity.

There seems to be a mutually reinforcing perspective between the teachings of humane technology and the study of the innovation chain.

Is this a field for further research?

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