Blocaus invites Grounded Theory

Paris, the city of love, is also the city of a wide range of artists in every discipline. Obviously there’s a lot happening around music as well. That includes famous events and clubs, such as Weather Festival, Concrete, Rex Club, which is the place to be for an event of an organization we fully support:

Their history begins in 2012, when a group of people decided to participate in the development of techno in Paris. In other words: they want to inject into Paris techno that has been influenced by Berlin and the UK. The list of previously booked artists is a huge one, we didn’t take the effort to type it all, so here’s a little screenshot:

Looks like a very good history, doesn’t it? And their next event is in collaboration with Grounded Theory, an agency from Berlin. Most of you will know them for hosting a lot of events in Stattbad and that place is known for lots of Boiler Room Berlin events. If you take every factor into account, it doesn’t take too much calculating power to see that this event will be fire. The first picture in this article reveals who is going to play. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this line up is pure class: Regis, Hennig Baer, Substance and Anetha, who is part of the Blocaus resident team. Anetha appeared on Invite’s Choice for a nice podcast, demonstrating the level of quality that Blocaus represents. Below you’ll find a link to listen to it and we’re sure it’ll give you a glimpse about what is going to happen on Friday.

There’s nothing more left for us to say that you might want to attend this event. In fact, we strongly recommend it. But if you need more info, we’ve listed some links below that could help you.

People that think “I don’t need more info, I just want to go”, can click this link:
Btw: we might have some interesting footage regarding this event, so keep your eyes peeled!

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