Entering Jeroen Search’s Identity Matrix.

A review by Clara Terhani.

Over the past 20 years, Jeroen Search has become one the most acclaimed underground techno producers of the Dutch school of techno. This year he joins forces with Paul Boex’s Rotterdam-based Dynamic Reflection releasing the 4-tracker Identity Matrix. Has Jeroen Search been able to fill the matrix with the right coefficients in order to derive an unique result out of his techno formula?Here’s what we think.

When Elements dropped on the dance floor last weekend, the full potential of Jeroen Search’s new EP became evident. Keeping true to his production style, Search plays freely with the track’s simple elements — a dark horny bass line, crisp hats, claps and kicks, spectral synths, all coming with the relentless energy of a seemingly live performance.

Elements is the opening track of Identity Matrix, Jeroen Search’s latest EP out last March 29 on Dynamic Reflection. A collaboration between the Dutch producer and the Rotterdam-based label seems somehow natural not only due to their common origin, but also because both favour intelligent, dance floor-oriented techno. Founded by Paul Boex in 2008, Dynamic Reflection has released artists like I/Y, Yan Cook, Abstract Division, Deepbass & Neel, Woo York and so many others. And now the undisputable Jeroen Search.

It’s been over 20 years since Jeroen Schrijvershof borrowed the name of his former label to become Jeroen Search, one of the most acclaimed underground techno producers of the Dutch school of techno. Search has been a prolific artist releasing on label such as Figure, Orbis, Coincidence Records, and others before signing this work for Dynamic Reflection.

Expectably so, Identity Matrix is an efficient, smart record that grows on the listener with plenty of Search’s inimitable techno to explore. Take the A2 Mirror Image, as an example. Fast and hypnotic, the track sounds remarkably familiar yet surprisingly fresh, unfolding with striking dance floor drive.

The B-side is set to explore more futuristic sounds without never losing the moving drive. While Base Point jams around an acid bass line in another classic Search-sounding track, the EP’s closing track shares its name perhaps because it’s the most iconic track in the record. Identity Matrix is electrifying, a powerful track in which all variables align to create a unique, iconic soundscape.

Identity Matrix (DREF 029), released both on vinyl and digital, is unequivocally a Jeroen Search work: 4 high-energy tracks of elegant, skilfully-produced timeless techno with a crude analogue feel to it that has become Search’s signature. Definitely recommended if you’re a fan of Jeroen Search’s sound.

Check out the release below.

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