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It’s not an unknown fact that the Netherlands holds a lot of stuff that is related in a direct or indirect way to techno. A rich history filled with a lot of artists, events and labels that were or still are ruling the higher atmospheres of the techno universe. Huge events like Amsterdam Dance Event, Awakenings and Reaktor make lots of techno fans drool, and smaller events brought by LET and The Crave do serve the needs of people that are more into intimate parties of our beloved genre. When speaking about labels there’s the undeniable rise of Bas Mooy’s Mord and the omnipresence of Electric Deluxe, which is harbouring works by the likes of Speedy J. The uprising of techno of the last years obviously brought some newcomers to the scene, in terms of anything that can be related to techno. In this stream we discovered the fresh label, agency and event organisation Ravage. Their imprint represents various tastes in techno, all being held in the right sublabel. The “Black Series” creates room for dark and powerful, industrial influenced techno. The “White Series” does the exact opposite by releasing the cleaner techno into the world. Recently, the first edition of their Black Series has been made publicly available, and it features of their young prodigies: S.A.F, which abbreviates “Stemcell altering Frequency”. We had the chance to ask him few questions, in order to get an idea of him.

Introduce yourself to our readers. Who are you? What do you do in life?

My name is Olle Hoolboom, I’m 21 years old and I live in Amsterdam. I used to run an organisation called Beukplaten Events, which hosted the Damage Control and Friction parties. It was also involved with the Katharsis project. Nowadays I produce music and work.

Your name kinda sounds like you have been inspired by DNA research and stuff. How exactly did you come up with that lengthy moniker of yours?

I was reading about stem cell research at the time and just made the moniker.

Your first release is on vinyl, and we believe that’s a start young producers dream of. What do you think about this? And what’s your viewpoint on vinyl and the old discussion about vinyl vs digital?

I am glad that I can release my first full length on vinyl with people that I trust and have been supporting me for 2 years. Vinyl is great to me because it’s physical, you can hold it and truly treasure it. Instead of a file that is stored on your computer.

Do you have a vinyl collection yourself? If so, which ones are the biggest gems in your collection?

I don’t have a vinyl collection, when I buy vinyl or get vinyl I give it to my roommate who is a far better vinyl dj and cherishes it more. The biggest gem that I have is Head Front Panel 4, which was given to me by John Heckle. (gave it to my roommate tho)

Was techno always your first choice when it comes to music? What artists do you consider to be the most influential for you in your past and present as an artist?

Techno wasn’t my first choice of music, when I was younger I listened to a lot of warp stuff. My biggest influences would be Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, LFO, Regis and I love the icy pads from Claro Intelecto.

How exactly would you describe your own sound? Do you think you’ll deviate from that sound in the future?

Hard hitting techno with a hint of emotion and cheese. Yes

What has the future got in the pipeline for you? Any more releases coming on Ravage? Any future projects you want to reveal to us?

I have several different monikers, and I want to release some of that material. There are more releases coming on Ravage.

What would be your biggest goal as an upcoming artist?

Play Berghain in a Miami Vice styled outfit, or do a cassette set with Ansome

What is your approach to the production of music? Do you use a lot of hardware? Or do you use a DAW? Or maybe both? What are your thoughts about using a lot of hardware? Do you think it brings more advantage as opposed to people that only use digital stuff?

I only use Ableton. I think both are great in the right hands.

Is there a message you want to carry out to readers, fans or anyone else?

Do whatever the fuck you want

Short but powerful. If you didn’t have the chance to check out why we interviewed him, you can listen to the releases on our channel on YouTube.

Learn more about Ravage over here: http://ravage-events.net/

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