Relapsing Mutations

By Clara Tehrani

Here is your chance to have a first listen at the most recent work by Relapso out today on his own Relapso Records: Mutate [RLPS008] in an exclusive premier for Techno Scene.

Since his Northern Exposure EP, out in January this year, Relapso has been under our (and many artists in the scene’s) radar. The Portuguese producer has been quite prolific over the past few months: also on his label he’s released Echo I and II, a series of more left-field techno EPs while Exoplanet came out on fellow Portuguese label trau-ma. The consistency of his work has drawn some anticipation towards this new work.

In it, we discover 2 tracks by Relapso, Mutate and Replication, and 2 remixes of the former, one by Alderaan, the other by Kiktatone. We spoke to David Henriques, the man behind Relapso, regarding this release.

TS: Tell us a bit about this album.

DH: First of all I want to thank for this opportunity to speak about my music/project. About this new EP Mutate, I wanted to make a more refreshing techno without those dark lines that I used to do. I also felt the vibes of the upcoming Summer, so I thought it was a right thing to do, and to release. Techno for me is not only dark moods and dark sounds, and this EP comes to proof that idea.

TS: It feels lighter than the previous EPs — even your slower Echo series is somehow gloomy while this record, despite being strong, has a happier tone to it. This makes Mutate feel more old-school in a way. How is Relapso mutating?

DH: Yes indeed is lighter than the previous EPs, and thought to be this way, I don’t like to make always the same kind of sound. I like to explore other ways and experiment with new sounds. I think the name Mutate is about that, constantly evolving, and not being in safe zone all the time.

TS: Why Alderaan and Kiktatone as remixers?

DH: Alderaan is a great artist I’ve been following for last year. I love his sound and his way into Techno, I decided to approach him, and got lucky. About Kitkatone, I met him personally when I was living in Finland, and since then have loved his music — I even released his music on my other label Propellant Music. He has constantly improved over the years, in terms of sound his music is very organic, and I feel that it has a unique voice from him. I thought it’s time to have him on board of Relapso, really a pleasure.

TS: Alderaan from Buenos Aires; Kiktatone from Finland. Are these two scenes you follow closely? Which scene has inspired you most lately?

DH: I like both scenes. The Argentinean scene nowadays has been putting out very good music, and that is supposed to be a good thing — we need to keep an eye on it. I think I feel more inspired with the Finnish scene since I lived there, and got a mix of feelings that I wanted to pass through my music. And it’s a scene in wich Techno has been growing very well, with good parties.

TS: How about the arsenal to produce Mutate?

DH: My army is not full with big weapons (like modulars, etc..) ahah — basically it’s my computer with Ableton Live, and some plugins, nothing more.

TS: The artwork is again by Ester Ramos, a striking kaleidoscopiesc-mandala…

DH: My girlfriend is a graphic designer so she wanted to help me improve the artwork of the label. Ester is doing a great job.

TS: What can we expect from Relapso in the near future?

DH: A lot of things… I am preparing my first live set so would be very exciting to play it. More dark music is coming this year, more experiments with sounds. I will continue the Echo Series! And for the next month I’ll be in Paris for a live show. So stay tuned!


Mutate (Alderaan Remix)

Mutate (Kitkatone Remix)


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