Techno Scene Story #1 - Boston 168

Boston 168 in their studio.

When talking about Boston, most would refer to the big city, the capital city of Massachusetts in the US. But when we talk about Boston, we add the number 168 and what you get an artist formation that made a breakthrough in to the top level of the techno universe: Boston 168. They love analogue machines, collect vinyl records and even have their own imprint: Old And Young Records.

Boston 168 is a duo of 2 Italian men, Vincenzo Ferramosca and Sergio Pace, both based in Turin. They have shared a lot of time together as they were good friends and it’s very obvious that they discovered that they shared the same passion for music. As an effect of that passion, they decided to pursue a career in the production of music. Initially they were just doing their own thing but their tastes gradually grew to become similar. It would take only few years before they concluded that they had to work together and team up as they share the same profound passion for techno.

The description of the music of Boston 168 contains various sides: ranging from psychedelic FX to twisted acid sounds, all supported by the heartbeat of pounding techno. Their own words for their work a little bit harder and probably straight to the point: “Acid, dirty and rotten. A flow that comes directly from the analogue machines.” While this clarification makes good sense to people that hear their releases, their influences go further than only techno. It’s no surprise that they have a preference for forward thinking artists like Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin, who can simply can be called the avant-garde artists of their generations. When speaking of techno, their list of big influential names gets even longer, filled with living legends like Underground Resistance, Joey Beltram, Plastikman, Armando and many others who mainly got their fame in the 80’s and 90’s. About the current stream of techno prodigies they said this: “Nowadays, it’s difficult to say who we like, because there are so many, but if we were to name a few we would say Milton Bradley, Donato Dozzy, Drvg Cvltvre and Polar Inertia.”

The mix they recorded for us featured tracks by Jonas Kopp, Artefakt, ReAxis, Dustin Zahn, themselves, and many others. As for the prerequisites necessary for the experience of this mix, we’d let the guys do the talking before you start listening: “There’s only one way anyone should listen to a mix and that’s through some good speakers. But if we’re talking about what kind of environment then it’s probably best not to listening to it at your Nan’s birthday. The mix has some dark energy flowing through it that’s for sure, but the idea is to introduce other elements that help to lift the mix at times through various peaks. Ultimately it’s a psychedelic acid journey through a soundscape of techno.”

About Techno Scene Stories

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