The Reign of Blueprint .

Written by Kirk Gonzalez

It’s a huge year for Techno, first it was Tresor’s 25th Anniversary, which was celebrated a couple months ago, but there is also another landmark; 20 years of Blueprint. Introducing us to James Ruskin, Oliver HO, O/V/R and The Fear Radio, it’s hard to imagine what state techno would be in without Blueprint’s influence.They celebrated their 20th by releasing a 4 vinyl compilation entitled “Structures And Solutions: 1996–2016”, which gave a sense of the past, present and future of Blueprint.

The popularity of Techno may have fluctuated over the past couple of decades, but Blueprint is a label that has gone through the years and has managed to stay relevant to all Techno lovers no matter what year it’s been. James Ruskin and Richard Polson started the label back in 1996 releasing First Contact under their group Outline, after the first release Blueprint would go on to concentrate on just a couple of artist, but that didn’t stop the label from expanding its sound and influence all over the map.10 years later the label decided to take a 3 year break, one could speculate that the passing away of Co-founder, Richard Polson had something to do with Blueprints’ disappearance in 2006. After the hiatus, Blueprint returned to the scene with a new idea of adding more versatility and producers to the label such as, Sigh, Lakker and Rommek, this new vision gave birth to a whole new “Blueprint”.Blueprint has been going hard for 20 years now, and with every release being more exciting and pertinent than the other it seems as though maybe it will go on for another 20 years.

For most of us Techno was at its peak in the 90’s, adding a characteristic to the genre that is sought out even in today’s era; It was innovative, groundbreaking and raw. Blueprint has done exactly that, but cultivated the 90’s style and redefined techno in its own terms.It wasn’t until the return of Blueprint in 2006 where the label took a massive leap forward in sound and experimentation, but that leap influenced a generation. To round up this article, we have a selection of the most beloved tracks listed below, as chosen by our community.

Outline — First Contact — BP 01 (1996)

Outline — Encounter — BP03 (1996)

Oliver Ho — Grasp — BP09 (1997)

James — Ruskin Correction Centre — BP018 ( 2001)

James Ruskin — Work (Steve Rachmad Remix) — BPLTD 03 (2006)

OVR — Interior — BP025 (2009)

James Ruskin — Sabre BP026 (2009)

The Fear Ratio — Mas — BPLP3 (2011)

James Ruskin — Wisdom Of Youth — BP038 (2014)

Samuel Kerridge- Operation Neptune — BP-040 (2014)

Rommek — Solvent — BP043 (2016)

Surgeon — Search — BP044 (2016)