How Krista Donaldson Revolutionized Prosthetic Industry

Technology has since changed the lives of people. Internet and Android have solved number of problems in every categories of life. Sometimes accidents and unforeseen events cause a lasting effect on the people. There are tens of thousands of accidents happening everyday across America and around the world. (Sounds like a big problem to solve! Could AI and Self driving cars solve this problem? Let’s see).

Limbs enable people to walk and do all forms of life but sometimes loss of a limb can never be replaced unless we build better technologies to benefit humankind.

Krista Donaldson, CEO of D-rev, revolutionized the prosthetic leg industry where a fully functional prosthetic knee would cost around $10000 (USD). Krista created highly functioning knees which sells for $80 dollars. She achieved this incredible feat through innovative technology and centralized production units to bring down the supply chain cost.

Task of creating any product is making it affordable to all. Businesses Exists to solve the immediate needs of the consumers.

Marketing the product is really important to capture the consumers vote. With the advent of social media, it’s really easy to create a media company and put out contents on daily basis which generates viewer base.

Any business in the market now should create a media channel to deliver the products to the consumers directly bringing down the cost.

Cost is really an important factor which determines sustainability of the company. Every retail product faces issues in supply chain, fulfillment of existing orders or new orders if they don’t set the price points correct, and capital requirement.

Future is direct to consumer market. Internet has opened this opportunity for all. People can create a marketplace in Amazon, eBay, Facebook Shops, Instagram, Direct Website and Etc.
Point is can we also do it? The Answer is absolutely YES!!!!. Evaluate your time spend on watching TV Series, Political News, Games, Partying. Spend half the time in creating new products at a low price point to benefit your fellow citizens. Google And Learn Selling in Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and Instagram.
Just a remainder deliver more value to your consumers if you’re asking for their money.

Take Away Points

There is always opportunities in the market to create better products which serve humanity.

Amazon, eBay and direct website selling have created new markets for the consumer where they can connect with the producers, thereby reducing the cost.

Google and Learn New Technologies.

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