Chatbots: Your new HR Manager

Technology has played a significant role in revolutionizing the world of communication. Different messaging tools like WeChat have over 752 million active users by now in the Asian market, and the number is increasing every day!

Planning to make a strong presence in the market of messaging tools and artificial intelligence, even Facebook has announced to extend the reach of Messenger beyond friend-to-friend chats towards consumer-to-business communication. With this important step, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is planning to embed artificial intelligence (that makes possible real-time conversation) into Messenger.

Amid these developments in the world of messaging tools and communication, and an interactive software program known as Chatbot is also creating buzz.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots, also referred as bots, are designed to imitate conversation with users by taking help of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning technologies. The intelligent bots are not new, but the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has provided the much-needed boost to them. Chatbot is embedded in different messaging apps to help users get real-time reply to their queries or doubts. It also helps users interact via different chat interface like Facebook Messenger, HipChat or Slack.

Are we using Chatbots in Day-to-Day Life?

Many of us are already using Chatbots in our day-to-day life, without being much aware of them. For instance, there are weather bots that give you daily weather forecasts, and news bots that keep you updated about the latest affairs. Bots are also serving the purpose of internal communication in different enterprises. Businesses trying to streamline different processes and maximize their efficiency are relying upon the intelligent Chatbots for an effective communication at all levels.

Chatbots & HR Management: A Winning Combination

To automate mundane and repetitive tasks, more and more organizations are in process to adopt the bots for various functions such has IT helpdesk, Travel assistance and HR is not left touched.

It is important that HR teams focus on more meaningful task rather than devoting time in repetitive HR functions like real-time communication of information for better employee engagement, leave management, employee motivational engagement such as “a welcome message from your company CEO”.

To cite another example, for instance, consider its your first day at new company, and you feel clueless about the duties and other stuff. You are waiting for the HR person to introduce you to the team members and other department folks until you are asked to download organizations app.

To your surprise, upon doing so, you are instantly welcomed by the app — a welcome greeting from your buddy — a Chatbot. Chatbot carries the key to all the essential information regarding job profile, team members, their roles, and much more. A welcome message from the HR team, CEO and other important members of an organization is another highlight of using Chatbots.

In short, Chatbot acts as a dedicated HR person that is available 24X7 to answer queries of employees!

How Chatbots can revolutionize the way HR teams engage with employees?

  • Employees can stay connected with HR 24x7 via mobile devices: The number of people using messaging apps to stay connected with their friends is increasing significantly. Even during office hours, employees use different messaging tools to send and receive messages. So, why not stay connected with the HR department too through a similar medium but this time it will be a Chatbot instead of a HR person sitting behind the desk? This can help employees is staying informed about latest policies and other organization-related details.
  • Ensure efficient management of the mobile workforce: Enterprises have a significant number of mobile workers who perform their duties from remote locations. In this situation, there are higher chances of miscommunication and loss of work. But with a Chatbot, the problem can be solved effectively. No matter employees are working from which location, they can stay connected to their organization via Chatbot to get things resolved even faster.
  • Help organizations in collecting employee related information: Along with answering questions, Chatbots are also designed to collect information and regularly update their database for better accuracy and quick responses. Based on the types of employee frequent queries asking, a Chatbot can provide real-time analytics about issues in concerned processes or systems. In case, Chatbots are unable to help the employee, communication can be redirected towards an HR personal.

So, what’s next for Chatbots?

Among many other messaging tools like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Chat, aiming towards embedding Chatbots for business, what’s the chances that individual product based organizations Chatbots for example a bot from a HRMS company will be able to make their presence inevitable?

Well among many communication tools, there is still a need of a standardized communication tool for businesses! And, when it comes to features, Chatbot seems quite promising to qualify as the most preferred option for business communication soon.

A Chatbot can successfully recognize millions of words and configurations to provide answers to all sorts of queries by employees in different industries. Thus, it is likely to become a money-saving automated chat arrangement for most organizations soon!

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