Committed Towards Better Education? Nurture Parent-Teacher Relationship

Indian parents consider education as solely their children’s job. Well, this notion is not completely wrong, but it is not the only way to look at the education system in the present scenario. The long tradition of education being confined to grades and marks is now being challenged by smart education trends. Parents are now playing a significant role in monitoring the performance of their children and keeping them motivated for an overall learning and growth.

Bridging the Missing Link for a Common Goal — The Child’s Success

Working for long hours to save money for a child’s higher education and taking out time to attend parent-teacher meetings at school are something which every parent does. But, they can get even more involved in their child’s learning process with the help of technology. The missing link between parents and teachers can be bridged with the help of a school management software. Now that technology can help students and teachers in playing an instrumental role towards a child’s better future, why not follow these hacks to make the most of it!

  • Think Beyond Parent Teacher Meetings

Parents try their best to make it to every parent teacher meeting, as that is the only time when they get to know about their child’s performance. But, all they have to settle with is just few minutes of interaction with teachers. They hardly get enough time to discuss their child’s learning curve in detail. Now with different school management software, parents have got many other ways to connect with teachers and discuss their child’s success and failure.

School management systems like Fedena ERP software and School Cube create an integrated platform for parent-teacher interaction. Parents and teachers can stay connected via emails and SMS to discuss a child’s progress anytime and anywhere. Student’s grades, performance reports, in-school activities and assignments can also be accessed online by parents to keep track of their kid’s growth remotely.

  • Discuss your Child’s Success and Scope of Improvement

Most parent-teacher interactions revolve around a student’s failures, where parents get to know where their child is not performing well. While most of these interactions occur in front of students, they are likely to feel demotivated. So, rather than keeping the interaction failure centric, why not discuss success areas and scope of improvement? Teachers and students need to build an interactive bond where they can discuss strategies to work towards a child’s overall development.

With school management software applications, parents can track in-school activities to have a comprehensive view of their child’s day. Later, they can indulge in a healthy discussion with their child, and share their own experiences about dealing with a similar situation in a school back in their childhood.

  • Be a Part of a School Digital Community

Raising a child is not just the responsibility of an individual, but both teachers and parents can extend the helping hand. Education technology is playing a significant role in creating a digital community where teachers, parents and school administrators can come together to contribute significantly towards a student’s better future.

With parents are finding it hard to manage time between office work and child nurturing activities, school management software applications can help them in finding real-time solutions. They can track their child’s schedule at a school, transportation details, and progress status digitally from anywhere and anytime. Also, teachers can communicate a child’s progress to parents instantly through a mobile device. Some school management software tools allow teachers and parents to create a discussion forum and video conference plugins for an excellent collaboration.

In the era of smart schools, the use of different school management software tools is even more important to impart quality education in a productive manner.