How to Enhance the Reputation of Your Academic Institute?

Every academic institute has its own culture, mission and values that make it unique among competitors. But, often the nurturing culture and motivating values are not propagated well to foster reputation of an educational institute. But, with school management software tools, the online reputation of a school or institute can be enhanced. For instance, a well-designed website can improve visibility of a school among parents. Other important factors for building online reputation of a school are availability of the admission link on a website, real-time updates of classroom schedules, discussion forum, etc.

Different free and open-source school management software tools in India, like Fedena ERP Software, School Time, TS School, Web School ERP, etc. are helping academic institutes in creating a long-lasting impression among parents, teachers and students. Here’s are the ways to enhance reputation of your academic institute online:

Creating a personalized website to attract more viewers online

A well-designed school website has prospects of reaching out to more parents and students. For this, a website needs to integrate with different open-source school management systems that make it possible to access attendance, school timetable, classroom schedule, events, coursebooks, etc. online. As people are becoming more tech-savvy, availability of all basic features on the website of a school can really help.

Online application management to enroll more students

The admission management module in different school management system sms software tools helps educational institutes to incorporate technological advancements in the admission process. The entire admission process, starting from the issue of application forms online to scheduling the interview and enrollment, can be performed in a hassle-free manner with different admission software like SchoolSaaS and Astral School Management.

Software modules to increase engagement on the website

Those school management system software modules that help in improving the engagement of students, teachers and parents on an academic institute’s website are quite in demand these days. Some of the most preferred ones are timetable schedule module, assignment module, assessment module, etc. These software modules are serviced by top school management software in India and are also available in the free or open source format. For instance, Fedena ERP Software includes modules to manage hostel, library, campus news, attendance, timetable, examinations, etc.

Creating chats & discussion forums for a collaborative environment

Discussion forums provide an online platform to students where they can discuss about the curriculum and performances. They promote healthy discussion between teachers and students in a collaborative environment. Some school management system software tools also allow parents to interact with teachers on discussion forums.

Along with these, other administrative tasks in academic institutes, like fee collection, report card generation, maintaining records of students, library management, transpotration management and event management can be done in a smarter and faster manner with school management software tools. So, why still rely completely on manual efforts when the sustainability in this sector demands more dependance on technological advancement!

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