Using Video as a Service to Boost Business Support

Video as a Service (VaaS), popularly known as videoconferencing has allowed businesses to expand their geographical work sphere. Most of the time, employees are forced to travel for work purposes and are only able to relay important information after their trip. This is obviously an inconvenience for companies who want solve issues in real-time. It bridges the gap between services and allows important conversation and business meetings to be recorded and archived for later referencing as well.

However, unlike corporate video conferencing solutions, VaaS is a lot cheaper and affordable for businesses that lack the infrastructure or have restricted budgets. India’s rapidly changing business environment has opened up a number of avenues for startups and small businesses to develop their endeavours and make a breakthrough in bigger markets. Being able to avail of multipoint bridging and telepresence systems definitely widens the area of accessibility.

Leading Video as a Service Provider

Even though some companies choose to make their calls and hold meetings via Skype, ooVoo, and Google Hangouts it definitely does not offer the exceptional experience and quality of VaaS. Here are some of the major providers you should know about:

  • Cisco: Cisco is a well-known IT and technology service provider that has one of the most professional telepresence displays known as WebEx. While limited to six participants the layout of WebEx is simple. All participants can be viewed at the bottom of the screen with the main screen focusing on the active speaker. Cisco gives you the option of browser-based meetings that allows participants to share files, videos and other presentations with the group.
  • Avaya: Well known for its unified communications and contact center solutions, Avaya has created One-X Communicator. This is a single interface for multipurpose communication for the more flexible video conference. The One-X Communicator is an office phone system that allows text messaging, file transfer and video conferencing on all kinds of devices. One of Avaya’s latest endeavours is known as the Equinox Experience for businesses to enhance their communication.
  • Polycom: Polycom offers an older video conferencing solution like Cisco which is still viable today because of the HD quality telepresence communication. Their range covers immersive telepresence with RealPresence Centro and mobile solutions along with other collaborative infrastructure. Though not as popular as Cisco, Polycom and their solutions are being replaced by new, advanced technology and videoconferencing solutions like StarLeaf and Videxio.

What to Look for in a VaaS Provider?

The requirements of each business will alter depending on their clientele, type of business, size, etc. Small businesses can benefit the most from affordable VaaS providers. But how does one choose the most effective and useful service that provides maximum efficiency? Below are a few points to help get you started:

  • Choose a provider that offers you a pay as you go system so that no big investments are made. It allows businesses to test a service without making any long term decisions.
  • Cloud support is a great benefit. It makes the service easily accessible from global locations and isn’t restricted by regional boundaries.
  • The service must ensure security. Important archives must be protected and ensure that all business deals cannot be hacked into.

Other factors like reliability and accessibility must also be considered. Choosing the right provider can change the way a business operates for the better.

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