VRLively : Virtual Reality telepresence solution

We are living in an era where way of communication and interaction has changed a lot compared to last couple of decades. With the invent of smartphone and apps ecosystem in last decade we are connected always by way of text, email, social links, tweets, feeds etc. Communication has reached to real time and with video(Face-time, Skype or Whats-app) calling one can interact more easily.

Introduction of Virtual reality to consumers has taken the interaction to next level with immersiveness and 3D presentation. People are moving to Virtual reality calling from traditional Face-time, Skype or whats-app calling. VR Lively is one such software solution which enables consumers to have 3D video calling. This cloud based solution helps in teleportation with long distance friends or colleagues.

VR Lively helps in setting up true 3D videos live streaming with the help of 360 degree cameras. As a viewer one can connect to Head mounted device such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Daydream or Gear VR and experience the live video streaming.

Here is the short video of setting up live streaming.

360 degree video call setup

In recent demo sessions and interactions, often customers and early adopters have asked about real use cases of this solution in businesses. So, to start with here are few real use cases:

  1. Video conferencing: Many professional businesses are adopting more advanced meeting and feel the presence for important stakeholders communications. so, instead of travelling overseas for couple of business meetings they are opting for VR telepresence solution.
  2. Healthcare Research: Global research in healthcare has mandated experts participation from different geographies of world to be connected. Experts can supervise the research team from anywhere by teleporting themselves using these solutions.
  3. Healthcare Supervision: Many expert doctors of tech-savvy hospitals are using Virtual Reality to teach and help teams in real-time for surgeries from remote clinics or labs.
  4. Automotive industry: Auto industries can use this for assembling the vehicles and guiding technicians in manufacturing units.
  5. Education sector: Many developed countries are using VR devices in classrooms to show the real scenes and experiments after theory classes to engage students.
  6. Events and Entertainment: Event management firms can offers live 3D video streaming to people who are off-location and who missed to be present due to other business commitments. In corporate world business owners virtually can take part in events and celebrations happening in branch offices.
  7. Cinema and production: Often production houses and film directors travel to multiple locations to choose the shoot location and end up wasting time and money. Here with VR telepresence their team or local partners can present them the location in real 3D, and directors can look a holistic view right from office using VR Lively with HMD devices. Professional photographers can capture video using 360 cams and that video can be watched from a smartphone, a laptop or a VR gear/headset both real-time or offline.
  8. Real Estate sector: Real estate and construction companies can use this SaaS based solution to present constructions sites and sample flats to buyers and investors from there sales office. 360 degree cameras can be setup on sites and in sample flats and viewers can see it in full view with head tracking movement form sales office all in real-time. They can save lot of efforts and investments in flashy brochures and manuals.
  9. Travel and Tourism: Virtual reality is helping in tourism and to visualise the historical monuments or 3D tours of tourist places. VRLivey is extremely impressive in sharing the live streaming with friends whether you are on adventure trip or hill station hiking or mountaineering. Recently i visited hill station in India and using ZED camera i could present the live view to my office buddies. they were so mesmerised to see the immersive effect(Using Oculus Rift with VRLively) and feeling right at the scene to view foggy evening.
  10. Digital Marketing: Many modern digital marketing agencies are using Virtual reality to create the immersive campaigns for there clients. Marketers can focus on luxury brands and experiential marketing, and leverage VR Lively solutions for clients to showcase events held at their properties. here is the article which explain how virtual reality is revolutionising digital marketing.
so, there are endless real use cases of these Virtual reality solutions.

Every industry is redefining there business using these new-aged technological solutions. In case you come across about unique use case please comment below. If you want to explore VRLively then please request for demo and team would be happy to help you experience Virtual Reality at first-hand.