Realtime JavaScript Face Tracking and Face Recognition using face-api.js’ MTCNN Face Detector
Vincent Mühler

First of all thanks a ton for making this wonderful API.

While doing this particular use case I am stuck at the very last step.

I am getting boxesWithText as blank not sure why . All the other values are populated such as box, text and boxWithText. Due to boxesWithText as empty i am getting error at faceapi.drawDetection(canvas, boxesWithText).


Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘x’ of undefined
 at VM1409 face-api.min.js:1
 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
 at Object.t.drawDetection (VM1409 face-api.min.js:1)
 at run2 (VM1410 index.js:75)

Please help me with this.