Shark vs Dyson: The Definite Guide

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Shark vs Dyson — The Definite Guide

Here's the TL:DR…. Best Vacuum Cleaners From Dyson and Shark:

The best vacuum cleaners from Dyson and Shark in 2020 are:

  1. Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (click for more)
  2. Dyson Ball Multi Floor (click for more)
  3. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (click for more)
  4. Shark Rocket Corded (click for more)

Let’s face it a vacuum cleaner is a piece of technology that is seldom thought about until it’s time to get a new one. We’ve all been there pushing the cleaning head back and forwards over that stubborn piece of fluff that just won't go up the tube!

Well if that’s the world you’ve been living in, then let me tell you, things have come a long way. There are now vacuums that will suck the carpet off your floor if you let them. You laugh, but there are some very serious competitors at the top of the vacuum game.

Dyson has been touted as being the “Apple of vacuums”[1]. But, much like Apple, you’ll likely need to sell your firstborn in order to buy one. This left a gap in the market for a quality competitor that won’t break the bank. This is where Shark vacuums come in. They are designed to compete with Dyson vacuums without the hefty price tag.

So to help you out on this journey of discovery we put together a definite buyer’s guide on Shark vs Dyson vacuums that focuses on the following comparisons:

  • Shark vs Dyson: Cordless.
  • Shark vs Dyson: Upright.
  • Dyson vs Shark for Pet Hair.
  • Shark vs Dyson: Robot Vacuums.
  • Shark vs Dyson: Handheld Vacuums.
  • Shark vs Dyson: Canister Vacuums.

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Cordless Vaccum Cleaners

There is a lot that goes into choosing a cordless vacuum than you might have thought. Furthermore, cordless vacuums are more expensive than vacuums with a power cord. For that reason, we have compiled a review of Dyson vs Shark cordless vacuums to help you narrow down your options to the best cordless vacuums in this category. This will be a battle between the Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V 11.

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V 11

Shark ION F80 Lightweight

Shark Rocket IONFlex

The product offers a lot in terms of versatility, especially because of the flex hose that is instrumental in snaking out objects so that you do not keep moving things around while you are cleaning. The power suction abilities are impressive too.

The vacuum comes with two removable batteries giving you the chance to work with one battery while the other gets recharged. Furthermore, these batteries are backed with the brand’s 2-year warranty.

You cannot say the same about many of the built-in batteries in the market. One downside to note is that the battery on full charge only runs for 15 minutes.


  • The flexible hose makes cleaning in congested rooms easier.
  • A 2 year warranty on the removable batteries.
  • You don’t have to worry about power outlets when cleaning.
  • It has removable batteries to ensure smooth cleaning. You charge one while you use the other.


  • The cost of the unit does not match its functionality.
  • It has a very brief battery life on full charge.

What stands out

The only thing that is quite impressive in terms of functionality is the flex hose that offers you a lot more in terms of flexibility in congested rooms. It snakes around objects so that you do not have to. The removable batteries too stand out.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11

This is a rare breed in the vacuums family. It can easily spark a lot of debate in any sitting. Despite the fact that it has a Torque Drive cleaner head, it is relatively lightweight in nature and with it come five additional cleaning attachments: two brushes (for stubborn dirt and minis oft dusting), three tools (crevice, combination and mini motorised).

All of these attachments can be switched out for the cleaner head for a different experience. The most impressive thing about this vacuum is that it can detect any difference in the floor surface. This makes it change its suction automatically just when you need to.

One unique feature of this model is the Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS), which functions to sense any form of resistance to the head’s brush bar. The stiff nylon bristle is especially functional when cleaning anti-static carbon filaments and carpets.


  • It can run up to 60 minutes on a full charge.
  • It comes with 5 additional attachments to improve your cleaning experience.
  • It has a self-adjusting feature on different floor surfaces.
  • The LCD screen allows you to switch between cleaning modes.


  • It can be a little noisy while in operation.

What stands out

The additional attachments to improve your cleaning experience and the battery life on full charge are factors that quite stand out on this model. Although the product is a bit expensive, it offers premium cleaning experience that makes it worth your money.


The clear winner in this category is the Dyson due to the sheer quality of the cleaning experience. That said the Shark has its place. Our advice is:

Use Shark ION if:

  • You want to save money and need a cordless vacuum.
  • You can do all your cleaning in under 15 minutes.
  • Click here for prices

Use Dyson VII Torque Drive if:

  • You want to enjoy premium cleaning experience on different floor surfaces.
  • The price tag isn’t so much of an issue.
  • Click here for prices
Shark Rotator Lift-Away vs Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

For the longest time, people have always preferred upright vacuums for their cleaning needs. For that reason, there is no absolute shortage of these upright models in the market.

Today, they are still worthy players in the market. In this category, the battle will be between Shark Rotator vs Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 to find out which compares stronger over the other.

It is important to note that both of these vacuums have numerous attachments, swivel steering, large capacity bins, variable cleaning styles and great filtration. The edge will thus lie on what makes them different.

Shark Rotator vs Dyson Ball Multi Floor

Shark Rotator Lift-Away

Shark Rotator Lift-Away

The vacuum comes with an advanced cyclonic technology that ensures that the system does not get clogged during operation despite the fact they have washable filters. This is the main reason why reviewers claim that the vacuum does not lose its suction power even over a long period of usage. It can be operated as a canister, handheld or upright vacuum, a feature that is instrumental in hard to reach surfaces like under furniture. This makes it suitable for almost all types of floors including hard surfaces. The mini motorised brush ensures that the vacuum does not get stuck or lose power like many driven brushes.


  • The powered lift-away enables it to vacuum hard to reach surfaces.
  • It is a lot quieter than other models.
  • It has anti-allergen capabilities.
  • The 3-in-1 feature facilitates its portability.


  • You need to wash the filters every now and then.
  • The cord is slightly shorter than its counterparts.

What stands out

The 3-in-1 feature makes the Shark Rotator a more desirable vacuum especially since it has a canister, powerful upright with lift-away pod and a caddy together with a hard floor genie attachment. Furthermore, the fact that it has a complete seal technology to make sure that dust and dirt are sealed off is quite impressive.

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

The manufacturer incorporated some of the latest technology while creating this model. You get value for your money especially for the whole machine HEPA that ensures a fade-free high powered suction. If you have pets in the house and you are looking for the go-to vacuum cleaner, then this is the option to go for. You can also use the Dyson Ball to vacuum carpets and hard floors. Some additional noteworthy features include the auto wind cord, self-adjusting cleaner head and a bagless and lifetime washable filter.


  • The wide cleaning head makes it easy to vacuum larger areas.
  • It has a very powerful suction.
  • It uses the radial root cyclone technology by Dyson to ensure it does not lose power.
  • It comes with a tangle-free turbine tool suitable for sucking pet hairs.


  • Some user reviews suggest that it is a bit heavy.
  • The tangle-free turbine tool is air-driven and not motorised.

What stands out

The most incredible feature about this model is the HEPA filtration that functions to ensure that the system expels clean air. This is why the model is certified as an allergy and asthma friendly vacuum.


The overall winner in this category is the Shark Rotator. However:

Use Shark Rotator if:

  • You want an affordable vacuum that can retain power and perform optimally.
  • You are looking for a vacuum with a lift-away canister to help you operate it as a handheld or upright cleaner.
  • Click here for prices

Use Dyson Ball if:

  • You want a vacuum with a large dust bin capacity.
  • You want a more compact vacuum for manoeuvrability.
  • You want a vacuum with lower annual maintenance costs than other models.
  • Click here for prices

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Dyson V7 Pro+ vs Shark Navigator

In as much as we love our pets, we love a tidy house even more. That is why if you are a pet owner, you have to be quite keen while picking out your vacuum cleaner. This category will shed some light on the best vacuums for pet hair between Shark and Dyson brands. The battle will be Shark Navigator vs Dyson Animal Pro. Choosing a suitable vacuum for pet hair largely depends on the type of pet you have.

Some of the shared features among these vacuums include HEPA filtration, swivel steering to vacuum hard to reach surfaces, a tangle-free brush roll or attachments, large capacity dust bins and upholstery tools to pick up pet hairs from sofas and beds. What will give these models an edge is their differences and that is where the attention should be.

Shark Navigator vs Dyson Animal Pro

Dyson Animal Pro+

Dyson Animal Pro+

This is a stick vacuum and also a handheld vacuum in one with excellent performance especially for pet hair with many other features to take advantage of. It is effective to work with it on different floor types with excellent pick-up capabilities on maximum power. The handle is especially comfortable to your hands. On a 3 hour and 3o minute charge, you can have up to 20 minutes or 40 minutes runtime.


  • It comes with a washable life time filter.
  • Great hair pick-up capability at full power.
  • It has a useful selection of tools.
  • Great performance on many different floor types.


  • It is quite easy for pet hair to get stuck on the mini motorised tool.
  • You can get just 6 minutes on running time when using it on maximum mode.

What stands out

Some of the stand out features include the tools like the mini motorised tool, drive cleaner head, combustion tool, crevice too and a mini soft dusting all designed to make your cleaning experience better than before.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe N360

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe N360

This model is among the popular models from Shark. The vacuums lift-away technology that enables you to separate the dirt canister from the cleaner’s main unit. A feature that enables it to vacuum surfaces that could have otherwise been hard to reach. The Pet Power brush is what makes this vacuum ideal for cleaning pet hair accompanied by a dusting brush for rapid pickup on drapes, window sills, shelves and more. The presence of a crevice tool is an added advantage to clean out crevices and cracks.


It is relatively easy to empty and clean.

  • Has some functional adjustments.
  • It is quieter when compared to other similar models.
  • A great option for fighting allergies.


  • The dust cup is too small.
  • The vacuum can easily tip over when you use the hose.

What stands out

The multi-floor capability and removable canister make this vacuum highly portable. Therefore, it is more suited to clean hard to reach surfaces with ease. Apart from these features, the Pet Power brush is a very functional addition to this cleaner, especially for cleaning pet hair in your home.


The winner in this category is the Shark Navigator.

Choose the Shark Navigator if:

  • You want an easy to empty canister.
  • You want an above-floor cleaning vacuum because of the lift-away feature.
  • Click here for prices

Use Dyson Animal Pro+ if:

Shark ION Robot vs iRobot Roomba

Robot Vacuums

The technologies on robot vacuums are relatively new in the vacuum industry. Sadly Dyson put out the Dyson 360 Eye and it has been very poorly reviewed, so in this section, we’ll focus on the Shark Ion and a comparable Roomba (the market leaders).

There are already so many models in the market that offer robot vacuums and we are going to look at Shark ION Robot vs Roomba Robot Vacuum in order to decipher which one is the better model to purchase between these two.

Shark ION Robot vs iRobot Roomba

Shark ION Robot

Shark ION Robot 720

The robot vacuum uses a lithium-ion battery pack thus it takes a short time to be fully charged and tend to hold the charge for a relatively long time in between recharge cycles capable up giving you up to 3 hours running time. You have the ability to either control it remotely or locally.

It comes with a remote controller or you can opt to use the three buttons on the surface of the cleaner. It can either be a robotic, canister, upright or bagged depending on your cleaning needs. This means that it can easily clean a number of floor types including stone, carpet and hard flooring. The in-built sensors are especially useful because they help protect your robot and the furniture while in operation facilitated by the Drop, Bump and Dirt Detection sensors.

It easy to store in a docking station. Since it comes with HEPA certified filters, you don’t have to worry about the air around your home, capturing particles up to a down of 3 microns in size. Quite impressive, right?


  • The HEPA certified filters help keep your nose and home clean.
  • It works efficiently on low pile carpets and hard flooring.
  • You can schedule cleaning cycles in advance.
  • You don’t need any form of wireless communication to have control over it.


  • Not particularly suitable for medium to high pile carpeting.
  • It cannot resume cleaning after it gets recharged.

What stands out

The most impressive thing about the Shark ION Robot 720 is that it can offer you up to 3 hours running time on full charge. This means that you can take your time while cleaning your house without having to worry about plugging it to an outlet. The fact that it does not need wireless communication to be controlled is also a noteworthy feature.

iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

The Roomba 675 is one of the most affordable robot vacuums in the market right now. Even though it looks a lot like its predecessors, you cannot say the same about its performance.

A quick glance and you will notice the central “CLEAN” button. This is a perfect example of a minimalist control layout to ensure that you find it easy to use. It also comes with a lift-up handle that you can pull to carry the Roomba 675 around if need be. The front half of the vacuum is covered with a soft bumper to protect itself and your furniture during cleaning.

It uses a central bristle style brush roll together with three navigational wheels and a spinning side brush. The accessories you would expect to come with the vacuum are a flat cleaning tool, line cord, owner’s guide, an extra filter and a charging station.


  • It has a long-running time.
  • Comes with HEPA filtration.
  • It has a powerful cleaning performance and low profile.
  • A 1-year warranty with a 30-day return policy on Amazon.


  • There are no virtual walls.
  • It does not come with a rubberised brush roll.

What stands out

The usability part of it is quite impressive given that it is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa or using your phone over wifi. Furthermore, the design is quite impressive compared to its predecessors.


The overall winner in this category is the Shark ION Robot because it stands out more and the benefits attached to it are more practical compared to Roomba 675.

Use Shark ION Robot if:

  • You have a low pile carpet or hard flooring.
  • You want to schedule your cleaning cycles in advance.
  • You want premium cleaning experience on a budget.
  • Click here for prices

Use Roomba 675 if:

  • You want a vacuum with wifi connectivity.
  • You want a vacuum that is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • You don’t want virtual barriers while cleaning.
  • Click here for prices
Shark Pet-Perfect II vs Dyson V7 Trigger

Handheld Vacuums

These are the best option you are not looking to break out full-sized units. They are highly portable hence you can tag them along while travelling. The best contenders in this category are Shark Pet Perfect vs Dyson Trigger. We will analyse these two vacuums head to head to find the best vacuum in this category. Please refer above for a review on Shark Pet-Perfect II vacuum cleaner.

Dyson V7 Trigger

Dyson V7 Trigger

This vacuum boasts of being the most powerful cordless handheld vacuum in the market right now. The fact that it also cordless means that you can easily move with it everywhere you want, be it on the boat, in the car or cleaning your camping gear. It has 30 minutes running time on full battery capacity, which is enough time for you to sort out your cleaning needs.


  • It is highly portable because it is cordless.
  • You get excellent power to clean hard to reach places.
  • It comes with additional attachments to make your cleaning much easier.
  • It has excellent suction and hygienic bin.


  • It is a bit more expensive compared to its counterparts.
  • The battery will quickly die off on maximum power.

What stands out

The minimalist design on this handheld vacuum makes it very desirable especially if you want a vacuum that you can carry with you anywhere you wish without having to rely on a power source.

Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Bagless

Shark Pet-Perfect II Cordless Bagless

This is a great option for cleaning out pet hair from your home. It comes with a very simple wide-mouth nozzle, a feature that is designed especially to clean pet hair. Additional features include a replaceable filter and a small capacity dust bin. The two buttons present are for releasing the dust bin and switching it on and off.


  • It is lightweight in nature.
  • It is highly portable.
  • It has up to 40 minutes run time on full charge.
  • The wide-mouth nozzle is useful in cleaning out pet hair and large debris.


  • The dust bin capacity is relatively small.
  • The costs of the replacement battery is much more than the unit costs.

What stands out

The stand out features for this model include the versatility adjustment tools like the motorised brushes, crevice tools, direction suction and dusting brush that make cleaning of any surface at home relatively easy.


The Dyson V7 Trigger takes the lead here over Shark Pet-Perfect II because it offers more in terms of performance despite the fact that it is a bit expensive comparatively. However:

Use Dyson V7 Trigger if:

  • You want a vacuum you can take anywhere with you.
  • You want vacuum that will leave your hands clean after use.
  • Click here for prices

Use Shark Pet-Perfect if:

  • You just want a handheld vacuum you use just at home.
  • You are looking for an extra-large motorised brush that is easily detachable to ensure easy cleaning of pet hair at home.
  • Click here for prices
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light vs Dyson Ball Animal

Best Canister Vacuums

For some time now, these vacuum models were present any household that had a vacuum cleaner. They have a detached canister that gives them the ability to hold a lot of dust and dirt together with a flex hose that enables you to navigate through your house and clean those hard to reach areas. The Shark Rotator powered lift-away vacuum is a good example of a canister vacuum but in this category, we will focus on Shark Rocket Ultra-Light vs Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal to find the best between the two.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light

This is a canister vacuum that can also work for cleaning pet hair because of the Trumpet functionality. It is also both a handheld and upright vacuum depending on your cleaning needs around the house. Reviewers claim that it has a good balance and relatively easy to use while cleaning. The fact that is lightweight, weighing just less than 8 pounds makes it easy to navigate around the house.


  • It has a good suction.
  • It is versatile since it works either as handheld or upright.
  • It can easily get close to baseboards.
  • You can easily clean under furniture with it.


  • It does not have a HEPA filter.
  • The attachments are not stowable on the vacuum unit itself.

What stands out

The only thing that makes this vacuum stand out is that you can get it lower prices than what you would normally get on a Dyson model.

Dyson Ball Animal

Dyson Ball Animal

This canister vacuum uses ball technology and has some unique and impressive features in comparison with its counterparts. What makes it unique is the carbon turbine head that functions to keep the fine particles inside the canister not get expelled as clean air into your home while keeping your hands clean. Furthermore, it has a hygienic dirt ejector to give you a better sanitary vacuuming experience at home.


  • It has hygienic dirt ejector for sanitary vacuuming.
  • A self-right feature to keep it stable in case it tips over.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty on labour and parts.
  • It comes with carbon fibre filter technology to reduce cases of dusting in your home.


  • The unit has no place to store its attachments.
  • When emptying, the canister may occasionally stick causing a mess.

What stands out

Almost everything about this vacuum stands out including the self-right feature, carbon filter technology, hygienic dirt ejector plus the bagless canister vacuum. However, you must dig deeper into your pockets to get this impressive vacuum cleaner.


The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal takes this day in this category because of its stand out features over the Shark Rocket Ultra-light canister vacuum. However:

Use the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light if:

Use the Dyson Cinetic Big ball Animal if:

  • You are an aggressive vacuumer who often picks up vacuums when they tip over and fall.
  • You want a premium vacuuming experience.
  • Click here for prices

How To Choose A Vacuum — Our Buyer’s Guide

You have taken a look at some of the picks we have outlined for you and now comes the important part, considering the factors that will guide your purchase. This section basically acts as a quick buyer’s guide to help you get satisfied with your decision considering your personal cleaning needs, options available and design features.

There a number of things that will help you decide whether the vacuum you are opting for are the right one or not depending on the practicalities and advantages attached to all the above vacuum in making your cleaning easier than before.

The following are some of the important factors to consider before fully committing to buying a vacuum cleaner:

Type of Vacuum Cleaner

It is important to understand the type of vacuum ideal for certain cleaning needs. Not all vacuums can perform multiple cleaning chores. You have to choose from upright vacuums, handheld vacuums, cordless stick vacuum, cordless bagless vacuums, robot vacuums and more. Each of these options come with its own set of features that are designed to make your cleaning easier.

For instance, handheld vacuums are often lightweight and small in nature. You may have to choose between corded and cordless vacuums depending on your needs. They are mostly ideal for cleaning car’s interior and furniture. Another type of vacuum is the upright vacuum, which is the commonest type of vacuum in the market. They are more suited for cleaning larger rooms and are often heavier than handheld vacuums. However, you only have the option of vacuums with a power cord. They are more practical in cleaning thick rugs and carpets and different types of floors.

The technologies involved

Different brands, including Dyson and Shark incorporate different technologies in their products to give them an edge over the other in terms of performance. There are a variety of technologies to consider including the power supply and powerful suction.

  • Battery operated vacuums are the most sought after vacuums because they allow for versatility while cleaning whatever surface, be it in the stairs, the car or hard to reach surfaces that corded vacuums might be restricted to reach. Most vacuums have a 30 minutes runtime on a full charge, enough time to go about your cleaning duties before recharging.
  • The power suction technologies are also just as important when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Some vacuums come with bags to help you in sucking in debris and dirt while others come with air cyclone like funnels that expel clean air while sucking in dirt. All these technologies could be unique to different brands hence make a point of visiting the manufacturers’ websites to find out more before making your purchase decision.


Functionalities differ from brand to another or from model to model. Your choice of vacuum can also be influenced by the functionality a vacuum offers you. For instance, there are some handheld vacuums that can double up as stick cleaners, which means that you do need to detach or attach some parts when cleaning different areas of your home.

They are more functional because they are lightweight to enable users move from floor to floor without worrying about the location of power outlets. Furthermore, some of these cleaners come with self-adjusting cleaner heads to help you switch between cleaning carpets, hard floors or hardwoods with ease.


There are definitely many advantages of owning a vacuum great cleaner, the obvious one being making cleaning a lot easier. Apart from easier cleaning, there are other advantages including:

  • Versatility.
  • Anti-allergen options.

When you are cleaning different parts of your home, you most definitely require the versatility of a vacuum and this varies from person to person. Although upright vacuums are more popular, batter operated cleaners can prove to be more versatile. It all depends on the benefits you are looking to get from your vacuum of choice.

Other cleaners are great because of the anti-allergen options. Pet owners will find such cleaners more practical to them since they work to expel clean, dander free air while drawing in pet hairs. It is important to note that not all vacuum cleaners have the anti-allergen option thus it is upon you to know your cleaning needs to make that choice. Therefore, it won’t hurt to just take some time and look at some of the customer reviews to help you narrow down your options.

Where do you want to clean?

Choosing a vacuum also depends on where or what or how you want to clean. The different surfaces that might require cleaning include hard floors and carpets, stairs, furniture, size of your home, number of outlets and the presence of pets among other things. All these things are important in narrowing down your purchase decision.

Overall Verdict

Dyson and Shark are worthy contenders in the vacuum cleaners industry. However, each brand has its strong traits that make each stronger in comparison over the other. Therefore:

Use Shark vacuum cleaners if:

  • You are looking for affordable vacuums that are closer to entry-level prices.
  • You don’t care what your vacuum cleaner looks like.
  • You don’t mind only having a standard 1-year guarantee

Use Dyson vacuum cleaners if:

  • You are looking for premium vacuuming experience and the cost is less of a determining factor to you.
  • You are looking for a vacuum that can offer you up to 5 years of warranty plus guarantee covered by the manufacturer.

We recommend any of the following:

  1. Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (click for more)
  2. Dyson Ball Multi Floor (click for more)
  3. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (click for more)
  4. Shark Rocket Corded (click for more)

Comparing all these models between Dyson and Shark, it is relatively easy to note the differences between these brands and their models. Both of these brands offer some good value for your money with the possibility of saving more money over a 5-year period for Dyson than it is for Shark.

However, you can save money by purchasing a Shark vacuum today. It all depends on the kind of investment you seek to make either in terms of investments now or investments in the long term.

Even though Shark offers some pretty competitive models that could potentially offer you better vacuum than a typical value brand at discounted rates, Dyson brand takes the lead on this one because it offers a premium experience in cleaning from start to finish!





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