Hotmail Tips and Tricks that you Probably Never Heard About

A pioneering email client, Hotmail (now under the name of continues to cater to millions of users around the world. However, in spite of being one of their oldest patrons, there may still a number of tricks down their sleeve that you never heard of before — Read More

· Your Hotmail ID is as good as Unlimited Email IDs

Add a “+” sign and any combination of words or numbers after your user name and you can have virtually unlimited number of email IDs in a single inbox. For instance you could have a for your LinkedIn account and similar ones for all your other social pages.

· Unlimited Storage Space

Ask any MSN hotmail support expert and they will tell you that your Hotmail account comes with virtually unlimited storage space. Your Outlook or Hotmail Storage space will increase and when you require more of it. However, if your inbox is growing at a rate that is deemed too fast, you may not be able to receive more emails.

· You can Recover Deleted Messages

Did you know that you can recover your deleted email messages on Hotmail? This is especially helpful if you delete emails accidently or you have only just recovered you hacked account. If you cannot seem to locate this feature, you can enable it manually by visiting your inbox à options à advanced privacy settings.

· Using Instant Actions

Hotmail now provides little buttons beside the names of the senders and subject lines in your email message list. This lets you instantly delete, flag or mark a message as junk/read/unread without the need to open the message. To customize this feature, visit inbox à options à instant actions.

In addition to this, make use of your MSN phone support services to gain more information on the various features offered by your mail client. Read More