Things to do When your Email is Hacked

There a number of things you can do to mitigate the risk of getting your email accounts hacked. However, few people know what to do after the problem has already occurred. Here are a few things you must do after noticing that your email may be hacked –

· Change your Password

If the hacker that got into your account forgot to change your password, chances are that you can still log into it. Do so at once and change your password. Make sure your new password is much stronger and less predictable. This means that at no point should you include birthdays, names of your children, your maiden names, favorites or anything else that may be public information.

· Recapture your Account

If your access to the account is blocked, follow the directions provided in the MSN Email Help Center. Once you have been able to recapture your email address, create a sophisticated password and also change your security question. The more creative you are with your answers the tougher it will be for hackers to get in.

· Reporting the Incident

Take help of your MSN technical support team and report the incident with the email client. Your service provider has most likely seen this sort of issue before and will be able to offer to you additional help and information on the nature and source of the attack.

· Get in touch with your Contacts

Make sure that everyone on your contact list is notified about the fact that your email account has been tampered with. Ask them to look out for any form of communication from your email IDs that may look and sound suspicious.

· Perform an Antivirus Scan

Hackers often find ways to get into your email to infect your computer with viruses that report back to them with a treasure trove of your personal information. By running a virus scan, you will be able to eliminate all risks of spyware, malware and viruses. If you don’t have a reliable security system, make sure you get one right away.

Finally, make it a point to revisit your personal email settings. Make sure that the cyber criminals haven’t created a forwarding email address to reroute your emails. Also change your passwords and security questions for all other social and email accounts you may have on the web. Browse through your email folders for any suspicious activity and strictly monitor your email over the next few weeks.