Reduce Printing Cost By Saving Ink on Epson Printer

It is not just the cost of the printer, which looks heavy on user’s pockets, it is the ink cartridge cost which makes printing even more expensive. Your Epson printer can perform a good job only when its cartridge is of good quality. You won’t be able to get desired quality of printouts with low or almost empty ink cartridge, in fact, it is also suggested by experts who work at Epson Printer helpline number UK that one should always go for genuine Epson ink cartridge for better printouts. So, how can one save on ink cartridges and make them work for a little longer? Here are some hacks that an Epson printer user can try to save on ink.

· Print in “Draft” mode, unless you need a printout for displaying it or presenting it formally. You can find “Draft” option in Preference menu of your printer. This setting will help save a lot of ink and it even makes printing task faster.

· Avoid printing unnecessarily. In this digital world, we hardly need hard copies for completing our task. Most of the things can be done online, such as we can ask for documents and receipts on email instead of printing them out.

· Never press “ALL” while printing a whole document or website. It would be wise to only print the necessary pages. Select and arrange necessary pages in a sequence to print them out.

· If your document doesn’t contain any picture or logo then it would be better to print in “Grayscale” which is also known as black and white printing. If you don’t know Grayscale settings then contact technicians on Epson Printer customer care number UK for further guidance.

· Always see a print preview before you actually take out a print. This will help you make an adjustment in your document and image. This way you can avoid taking out wrong printouts.