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Episode 53 the tech stack you need to recruit and hire your teams next superstar

Episode 53: The Tech Stack You Need to Recruit and Hire Your Team’s Next Superstar —

In this episode, I go over my process and the tech stack that I use and hopefully you’ll get some ideas on how to improve your own hiring processes to find your next superstar team member.

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Streamline your accounting with these 5 automation tips |
Managing your business’s accounting doesn’t have to be scary. Stay on top of invoices, sales, and more with these easy-to-build accounting automations.

Maksym kaharlytskyi q9y3lruuxmg unsplash

The ultimate guide to contact management in
Managing your contacts properly is essential for an organized and successful business. Here are the best tips and tricks to gather, store, and manage your contact data for the best results. …

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Episode 44 top 3 ways you can implement ssl on your website and prevent google penalties

Episode 44: Top 3 Ways You Can Implement SSL On Your Website (And Prevent Google Penalties) —

In this episode, I cover the 3 top ways to set up SSL on your website and the pros and cons of each. Two methods are free, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it today.

Top Articles of the Week

Benefits of chatbots in business

What Are the Top Benefits of Chatbots in Business?
Thinking of a bot? You better know what you are getting yourself into! Discover the top benefits of chatbots for your business, customers & employees!


How Data Can Be Used In Your Content Marketing
Data is important for every part of your marketing strategy, including your content. This article will show you how to ensure that your data isn’t going to waste and how you can use it to build a fantastic content marketing strategy. …

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Voice is taking over in the world of content, and not just video or podcasts, but voice search and even voice reading of blog posts and other content. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is a company helping to convert all types of text into reasonably pleasant listening, it’s

I’ve been using it for a few weeks on a blog site of mine and I actually used it to record the voicemail for a new phone system as well. It’s pretty easy and powerful, but where I think it really shines is as a part of WordPress where at the click of a button it can automatically convert your posts into a branded audio player. …


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Founder of 5000fish the biz behind Yurbi and Chief Boss on TechSmartBoss.

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