#ThatFeelingWhen: 10 GIFs Nonprofit Techies Can Relate To

1. When you think about life before technology.

2. When you send an email campaign and actually surpass your fundraising goal.

3. When your coworker sees your design, loves it, and tells you to press SAVE…

4. …But you forget to save and you aren’t syncing to the cloud.

5. When you have too many emails and you are trying to catch up.

6. When you can’t remember your password, but then suddenly you remember.

7. When you create the coolest PowerPoint ever and totally nail the presentation.

8. When it is almost 5:00 PM on a Friday.

9. When you come up with the best idea in a meeting.

10. When you save hundreds on technology for your nonprofit because of TechSoup.

This post was written by Molly Bacon, Social Media Manger at TechSoup. Learn more about TechSoup here.