Rainmaking + Hackathons = True

If you are familiar with Rainmaking, you know that our reason for being is entrepreneurs. We consider ourselves a global cooperative of entrepreneurs, and we strive to create positive change through entrepreneurship. This could be any of a list of things, such as accelerators, co-working spaces, joint ventures, founding new companies, or supporting established corporations start something new of their own.

Everything we venture into, we do with the utmost effort and confidence. Our company culture is fail, learn, and move on. In that vein we leave no rocks unturned, and we try to leave the less impactful initiatives as soon as we can see them for what they are. This has led to the development of initiatives such as Startupbootcamp (SBC), which has grown to become the worlds second largest accelerator program. We also have Rainmaking Loft, Global Startup Awards Co-working space of the year 2016. These initiatives help budding entrepreneurs with office space, build network, access fund and scale. From its foundation back in 2006, when the idea was to found a startup factory, we have slowly realised that in many cases, the biggest impact comes from collaboration.

Participants at SBC FinTech & CyberSecurity in Amsterdam

That is where Rainmaking Innovation comes into play — here we leverage our entrepreneurial spirit, credibility and knowhow to help large corporations and organisations innovate and stay relevant. In relative short time, we have managed to gain a leading position here as well. Recently we announced the top ten startups participating in IKEA Bootcamp, a program we’re running. Nordic Scalers, a Nordic Innovation program, is another effort to help Nordic late-stage startups expand internationally.

The old dance floor of Valencia will support a dance with innovation September 15–17, 2017.

That brings us to Friday, September 15, 2017. On this date, in a backyard on Vesterbrogade, we are bringing together over 100 bright minds, future leaders and world changers. We will convene for the first ever Rainmaking Innovation hackathon in the historic dancehall Valencia. The building started out as a beerhall over 150 years ago, and has recently been renovated to (Copenhagen’s arguably nicest) conference center for the Association of Danish Law Firms, who’s the main partner on the event. After meeting up Friday at 5pm, we’ll spend the subsequent 48 hours hacking the legal industry. This includes learning new skills, make new friends and discover new sides of ourselves. Hopefully we’ll end up with some future startups as well.

Of course, hackathons are nothing new to the Rainmaking organisation. We’ve held hundreds of them to create momentum for our 21 Startupbootcamp programs around the world. What is different this time, however, is the outcome. Of course — if you have a stellar team and truly unique product we won’t hesitate to tap the shoulders of the relevant Startupbootcamp team.

But what we really want to do is create a community of misfits, rebels, troublemakers. We want to support the crazy ones, the round pegs in the square holes. And we want to do it in Copenhagen, the birthplace of Rainmaking. That’s why we’re putting together 5 hackathons over the next half year — to make sure everyone who wants a turn gets it. So that we can all get to know each other. And then we take it from there!

Our goal is to give you the mindset, skills and confidence to ideate, create and scale new business. Collaboratively and confidently. No buzzwords. Just plain English. And we’ll make sure it happens. We love results not presentations. Actions not words. Just come see for yourself.

Hope to see you at one/all of our events soon!

Daniel Espeland
Hackathon Lead, Rainmaking