iOS Automation With Workflow

Workflows. We all have them but what EXACTLY are they?

A simple Google search returns this definition:

… the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion

But more than a definition, I’m interested in automating my workflows.

How to accomplish this … especially when I’m on the go?

By using tools such as Workflow for iOS!

According to its website, Workflow is:

Powerful automation made simple

Elaborating a bit, Workflow:

… facilitates connecting apps together, combined with powerful actions, to automate workflow on your iPhone or iPad

For example, use Workflow to:

  • Backup photos to Dropbox with a simple tap
  • Access the next couple of meetings scheduled in your calendar and create markdown formatted meeting note templates in Evernote
  • Grab the last five images from your photo gallery, make an animated GIF and text it to a friend
  • Get your current and destination locations, access maps and text others about your approximate arrival time
  • Speed dial a phone number
  • Grab the content of a web page, create a PDF and automatically open it in iBooks
  • Translate your clipboard content to another language and email it
  • Tweet the content and URL of the page you are viewing in your browser
  • Cross-post a photo to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Get directions to the nearest coffee shop

The possibilities are endless …

With Workflow’s simple drag-and-drop interface it’s easy to create workflows.

The fun part?

  • Make your own workflows and save them to your home screen where they can be accessed with a quick tap
  • Export workflows to share with others
  • Install workflows shared by others or access workflows from the built-in Workflow Gallery

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite (and created) workflows in future posts.

You can download Workflow from the App Store.

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