iOS Automation: Writing Workflow with Drafts

Drafts is a favorite iOS app for many of my writing workflows.

So what is Drafts and why do I like it?

According to the website:

Drafts is a different kind of note taking app. In Drafts, text comes first — open the app and get a new, blank draft. Get your text down quickly, then act on it with powerful actions.

As the description indicates, Drafts is all about THE TEXTcapturing, writing, manipulating, viewing and saving text.

The text functionality alone makes Drafts a powerful text editor. But with Actions & Keyboard Extensions limitless workflow automation possibilities emerge.

Here are a few examples of things that can be done in Drafts:

  • Cross-post to multiple social media networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • Use Markdown to create, append to or prepend to files in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and iCloud Drive.
  • Quickly insert text with TextExpander Touch support, including “fill-ins”. (TextExpander Touch is a typing shortcuts app for iOS.)
  • Reorder lines of text with drag and drop.
  • Integrate with iOS system apps and services such as Email, Messaging, Reminders, Events and Clipboard.
  • Import/Export text from any source supporting the iOS Document Picker.
  • Integrate with many third party apps using URL-based actions.
  • Clip text and URLs directly from the browser.
  • Use JavaScript Actions and Keyboard Extensions to manipulate text.

For more Drafts capabilities, see the website.

In addition to Drafts’ built-in functionality, you can find more Actions & Keyboard extensions in the Drafts Action Directory … OR … create your own.

In upcoming posts I’ll be sharing some of my favorite and created Drafts Actions & Keyboard extensions.

You can download Drafts from the App Store.

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