Meet the Techsylvania 2019 Hackathon Winners

Rumour has it that weekends are best spent building stuff that matters. At least for this weekend, we’ve been fully immersed in our 24-hour Techsylvania hackathon, where 12 teams have accepted the challenge addressed by our partners at BCR: building banking for the new generation.

Our teams have put a lot of effort into developing their projects and implementing the feedback received during the mentorship sessions. You can find all the project ideas here.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank our hackathon coaches for guiding our teams towards great MVPs:

  • Ciprian Horge, Head of Digital Marketing at Medicover
  • Cristina Gutiu, Senior Delivery Manager at Betfair
  • Bogdan Ciceu, Software Developer at Connatix
  • Calin Filip, Product Owner at Pentalog.

It’s been really hard to select the best of the best, yet we’ve listed our evaluation criteria to make it easier to focus:

  • Vision and originality accounted for 40% of the total score. Solving an actual problem, identifying a target market and pitching a fresh, original idea were the main guiding marks.
  • Execution represented the other 40% of the score, where having a functional MVP and a technical demo of it were key components.
  • Business model & applicability completed the chart with 20% of the score. Our teams have been encouraged to think a little bit further in the future, receiving guiding questions such as: how do you plan on making this a successful business? How easy will it be to implement your idea at scale?

The hackathon winners have been carefully evaluated by our thoughtful judges:

  • Aryk Grosz, Co-Founder & CTO of Mixbook
  • Rohan Chandran, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Shopkick
  • Gwendolyn Regina, Entrepreneur in Residence at Entrepreneurs First
  • Ricardo Mendez, Technical Director Europe at Samsung NEXT
  • Ted Persson, Partner at EQT Ventures.

Of course, our hackathon wouldn’t have run so smoothly without the help of our facilitator, Vlad Trifa, Chief Product Officer at Ambrosus.

One more mention before revealing the names of our mighty winners! Our partners at BCR have rewarded the winning teams with prizes for each team member:

  • Samsung Gear S3 for the 1st place winners
  • Skullcandy Crusher for the 2nd place winners
  • Logitech MX800 Black for the 3rd place winners. How cool is that?

And now, the much awaited moment where we let you know the projects and the people behind these greatly implemented ideas:

3rd place: Klarnauts team & their project Whisperer

A data reporting tool for sellers and merchants, based on the data provided by PSD2 data of their customers.

2nd place: A-Micii team and their Leaf

A peer-to-peer lending system where you can lend or borrow money anonymously for personal loans with interest.

1st place: Broads team with B-PAY

A SaaS platform that would aggregate the bills of all local utility providers and expose the information via an API.

Congratulations, everyone!

All our hackathon participants have been invited to join us for the following couple of days at the grandest Techsylvania conference so far — here’s a sneak peek into tomorrow’s program.

See you there!