“I’m excited to gain hands-on experience in real-world projects and to collaborate with my cohort classmates and mentors to develop team projects.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Before immigrating to the USA four years ago, I worked as an investment manager in a venture capital investment company in Shanghai. This brought me great opportunities to work with programmers and engineers on projects mainly in the IT industry and high technologies. I was very impressed by their work and their passion for creating a better world through tech innovations. Since then, I developed a great interest in tech industries and always wanted to learn to code if given any opportunity.

2) What…

“My dream project would revolve around planning the construction of urban food forests or long-term resiliency hubs for our unhoused neighbors.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I moved to Oakland almost 7 years ago to return to school while working and had to extend my educational leave of absence after my car was totaled in an accident. Growing up, my family was always fortunate enough to have a car and it wasn’t until I lost mine that I realized how much I took it for granted and how much of the city I was missing just driving by. I picked up gardening as a way to cope with depression and when an opportunity at work allowed me to…

“I believe there is so much latent talent waiting to be discovered in groups that traditionally don’t believe the field is accessible for them. I want to be part of building that diverse new future.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised by a big, beautiful, blended family. I was homeschooled for my entire childhood and have always had a passion for the life of learning for the sake of learning. At the beginning of my collegiate journey, I was a pre-med major; a philosophy, neuroscience, psychology major; and an international human rights major. In short: a literal embodiment of the “jack of all trades and master of none” trope. Along with not having a clear career path, I struggled in college with motivation, attendance…

“I would like anything I build to have a positive impact on the community in a way that allows them to feel connected and playful.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I am a second-generation Filipina-American who was born and raised in the East Bay. While I originally studied nursing to fulfill the expectations of my friends and family, by graduation I felt compelled to honor my lifelong dream to become a software engineer. With the exposure I gained from working at a large social media company, my passion for solving problems with tech only continued to grow.

Today, I participate in my communities through improv, writing comedy, and singing jazz. …

“It is never too late to make yourself into the person you aspire to be!”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I was born in San Francisco to a Cantonese-speaking family that pushed for traditional gender roles. When I was 8, we moved to the Central Valley, but we came back to San Francisco every weekend for Chinese school, so it was almost as if I’d never left. I’ve always loved arts and science and making crafts and projects with whatever I could get my hands on. I went to UC Berkeley and studied chemistry because I liked science, but I wasn’t sure about what my future held with it. I ended up…

“Speaking empathetically and with care allows others to be seen and heard, and I wish to create teams that share those communication styles and ways of being.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

The first quarter of my life was spent living in a military base in Europe. I was blessed to have been able to travel and experience different cultures. However, the downside was that I was raised by a parent who had experienced great trauma in war. After the war in the Gulf, my family came back to America, where we moved just outside the Geneva Towers in San Francisco. This was a difficult neighborhood to grow up in as there was frequent and violent criminal activity.

The first half of my life…

“I’d like to be a contributing force behind technology that enriches our lives in a healthy way and can help level the playing field for those at a disadvantage in life.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I grew up in the central valley of California. Jobs were scarce where I lived, and they didn’t support a family, so I came to San Francisco with my son when he was two months old to pursue a better life for us both. I started going to City College of San Francisco to develop my art, design, and tech skills. …

“I want to promote tech literacy because I believe that tech can help everyone — it’s just a matter of making it accessible.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I recently moved to the Bay Area after graduating from the University of Connecticut. I have an individualized major in data science, with a focus on environmental psychology. It’s really neat to study how people think and engage with the world around them while finding ways to quantify and measure all of it. My capstone project was about internet memes and what makes one meme more popular than another — i.e. do emojis make an impact, or what about emotion and tone? …

“I want technology to bring people together instead of driving us apart.”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I grew up in a small town in Russia and immigrated to the United States in 2012. In college, I studied interactive multimedia and mobile and web design. While in school, I organized the first NASA Space Apps Hackathon in Berkeley and have been working as a teacher’s assistant for web design classes. Since then, I’ve been learning more about web development and creative coding. I’ve also freelanced as a front-end developer. …

“I hope to be able to provide Latinx children and individuals with hope that they can be problem solvers and work in tech!”

1) Tell us a little about your life.

I am a first-generation college graduate and was raised in a Mexican household (I love my conchas and cafecito)! I am originally from East Palo Alto, CA, and I studied comparative literature & Asian studies at a tiny liberal arts college on the East Coast. Thanks to my love for foreign languages and cultures, I have been able to travel to Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan!

2) What made you decide to apply for Techtonica?

My first exposure to tech was in the summer of 2015. I joined StreetCode Academy in East…


Free tech training and job placement for local women and non-binary adults in need.

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