Mobile App Development; Functionalities That You Can’t Ignore

Aug 5 · 4 min read

Mobile app development has taken the entire world by storm because of the huge number of functionalities it has to offer. But since there are two sides of every story, the whopping popularity of applications is hugely affected by the evergrowing population.

The marketing of an app is equally challenging when compared with its development. In a competitive landscape that has thousands and thousands of apps available for download, it is a must for an app to stand out from the crowd. Most probably there is some other app available that is ready to give a tough competition to your app for undivided attention. Therefore it is not at all easy to create a special space in the market. Being careless about the functionalities and the features of a brand new application can be disastrous.

There needs to a specific reason behind each and every feature of your application, or else there is a huge chance that it might become inefficient or bloated. Developers must be extra careful and avoid overloading of the designs with multiple unnecessary features.

Do you want to know about the features that can’t be ignored?

Below mentioned are a few features of a mobile application that one can’t afford to miss.

1. Onboarding Process

It is an effective way of making sure that the users easily understand each and every benefit and feature of your application. Even though the complete experience of navigating through the application needs to be as simple as possible, users can still fetch the advantages from an early explanation before completing the final process of installation.

After effectively onboarding users to the application, it helps to get a huge amount of benefits. This increases user satisfaction, and in addition to this, it also enhances the frequency of an application. In situations where almost 70 percent of the users completely abandon the app, and that too after only one day of using it, the onboarding process is the only way to increase retention.

One of the greatest examples of streamlining the onboarding process is the Facebook messenger. After downloading the application it first connects users with their Facebook account an after that they share the functions of the app in an extremely subtle manner.

2. Streamlined Focus

It is one of the most important ingredients for cooking an application that can be relished by everyone. Although it may sound simple, it can be disastrous to overlook the objectives and the aim of the app. An app after being carefully strategized needs to fulfill all the users’ requirements. And in addition to this, every component of its functionality and design needs to be tailored to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Mobile app development companies need to completely assess a new functionality before adding it to the mobile application. They need to check if it is an essential one or not and then needs to bombard themselves with questions like;

• Does it improve the overall experience?

• Is it able to fill the gaps the current app is suffering from?

• Is it a feature that users want you to incorporate in the future iteration?

And in situations where the answer is ‘no’, then companies should not implement it.

3. Simple Navigation

Users ability to navigate is the most important function of any application. Menus present at the top or bottom of the screen have become a popular option in recent years. Every user is easily able to understand how to effectively use them because most of the items are within a tapping distance of the thumb at all times.

Since extra space is the limitation in such kind of menu, it is a must to practice restraint in order to avoid overloading of the features. Keeping a check on flooding the app with unnecessary features can be compared to the practice of enhancing simplicity, which is a win for users,

The card-based layout is another effective option in order to represent categories of content, in a specific way that is both visual and intuitive for the users to establish a connection with.

Last but not least…

4. Personalization

Providing the perfect user experience means providing the most relevant one. The personalization of the application is directly proportional to enhanced user experience. The more relevant one is going to attract a lot of users.

For better understanding go back to the onboarding process, and make it a priority to ask a series of questions to know the user’s motive of using this app. Personalization is quickly becoming ubiquitous. Therefore each and every mobile app development need to revolve around achieving functionalities that none other app possesses.


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