Techvantage sets up office in Obermeitingen, Germany.

As Germany is becoming the leading AI ecosystem in Europe with Berlin as the central hub of AI technology, Techvantage sets up an office in Germany to serve clients from various industries like Retail, Insurance, banking etc. The importance of AI technology for diverse industries is growing significantly like preventing traffic congestion, weather prediction to tumor recognition.

Techvantage is an AI-based software development company headquartered in India. Emerging as one of the leading companies that developing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics, now expands its operation in Germany. Among very few RPA companies, Techvantage is the first to adapt to UIpath automation to to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.

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TechVantage Germany

Obermeitingen, Germany. 
Ph: 823–290–5414, 177–388–9190