Best way to learn Android Development

Android is the favorite mobility developments setting throughout the world and over 66% of Smartphone developer effort absolutely for Android. Through such a huge market distribute and regular updates from Google, android has developed into as the most event and productive mobility stage with an exciting environment. Sites like Edureka India is providing Android Development courses but should learn it?

I am personally a huge fan of android because when I looked on my personal Smartphone and all the interior app of it. I really think of myself that I should have my personal app on my Smartphone. So, on this platform knowledge of developing own App is very pleasurable and absolutely a best way for earning some amount. Talking more about this, if you are severe regarding Android development and wanted to make own app or games, I will suggest you to try these given resources which is listed down in this article. And these are also the best way to learn Android development.

Here I have categorized the resource into two parts like eBook and Tutorial in order that you can go for it according to your requirement.

Free E- Books

On android programming if you check in online you will find lot of free e-book that has source idea interconnected with Android. Here I have listed some of the e-book which is very helpful and this will give you a lot of knowledge about the best way to learn Android development.

MacGrawHill’s Book: By learning this famous book you can get knowledge of running the android app and also you can signify android SDK.

Android tutorial: This is another e-book which will give you some of the information to know the best way of android development.

Andbook android programming: In this e-book there is android introduction; resources and how to create android app. Due to the presence of this information this e-book become very much important e-book.

Commosware Tutorial E-book: Using this e-book you will get a app developing of android.

Android Framework: Here you will get like security policy, practice interfaces over all this e-book will give about the security interconnected issues.

Free tutorials

If you are very eager to know regarding the android development then this is the best way to learn android development. Just follow the tutorial given below.

Android official: This is one of the official tutorials which will help you to know about the development of android app. From this official site you can also get some guides regarding the APIs of Android development.

Vogella: Vogella as well has massive collected works of tutorials for developing android. Here you can find many free tutorials with different tools which separated in different sections. Hence this is also one of the famous tutorials blogs for android development.

Java code Geeks: In this site Java tutorials is available. Actually android division is separated into Android games and android Core tutorials. In case if you are one of the interested persons and wanted to develop some android games this site can be a big resource for you to begin your journey.

Coreservlets: Going through this tutorial site is another best way to learn android development. As it provide some of the solutions about the Java tutorials and android programming course.

Eduonix: This is also one of the best sites where you will get good tutorials regarding the development of android. Eduonix is separated into HTML5, Phonegap and Java etc.

Well, all the above tools mentioned are uniformly best way to learn android development. And I have made my best to provide you a great explanation and I hope you will get all the mentioned usefully. Hence if you have any problems please share with us.