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Aug 7 · 3 min read

Angular is an open-source front-end framework designed by Google for creating dynamic and modern web apps. Angular helps build interactive and dynamic single-page applications with its compelling characteristics including templating, modularization, two-way binding, AJAX handling, and Restful API handling.

Developed by Google Inc developers, Angular is a preferred choice for web developers globally. It simplifies the development process and testing, and therefore, it becomes one of the most used frameworks in a few years of inception.

Over the last few years, Angular has evolved and it is now flexible, fully extendable, and works well with other libraries. Further, it simplifies as well as speeds up the development process. India has proved to be a valuable provider of Angular development services at the global platform. High-quality services at cost-efficient rates is a much sought after criteria that Indian companies offer.

If you are searching for the cost-effective Angular Development Company in India to build a web or mobile app on Angular framework, you should opt for a medium-size company that would be well suited for your requirement.

One of the most experienced company in Ahmedabad, India well known for its successful ventures in Angular development projects is Teclogiq. Developers at Teclogiq build state-of-the-art web solutions with the latest Angular frameworks.

As a leading Angular development company, Teclogiq offers you end-to-end app solutions while following all the values for security and privacy protection. You can leverage the benefits like high extensibility, readability, and articulacy of Angular framework while developing a customized application with experienced developers of Teclogiq.

Your startup, business or enterprise needs a scalable, feature-rich and responsive web/mobile application to simplify the complex processes and address the big business requirements.

Teclogiq is an early adopter of Angular and has worked in every version of Angular from Angular1.0 to Angular 8.0.

The Benefits of Angular Development For Developers:

· Data-Bindings

· MVC Software Design Pattern

· Code Splitting

· Command Line Tools for Faster Development

· Parallel Development

For Enterprises, Startups, And Businesses:

· Access to Underlying Database

· Reusable Components

· Easy Maintenance

The expertise of Teclogiq in Angular Framework:

· Custom AngularJS/Angular Development

· Web App UI/UX Development

· API Development

· Portal Development

· Fronted Development

· Interactive UI Development

· Real-Time Development

· Building Hybrid Apps

· Plugin Development

· Single-Page Application Development

· Backend And Dashboard Development

· Version Migration

· Web & API Service Integration

· Mobile Application Development

· Native Mobile Application Development

Hire Dedicated Angular Developers

Teclogiq strives to provide satisfaction to clients through professionalism, skill, and expertise. They include the latest of interactivity, multimedia and user interface on your website or web/mobile application using Angular framework.

The team of Teclogiq can develop highly customizable and scalable web/mobile applications efficiently. Since the company has an excellent team with good knowledge and experience in Angular framework, you can hire the developer from the company to complete your tasks or projects.

Why Teclogiq is the Best Angular Development Company?

· Professionalism

· Experienced and well-skilled team

· Proper client coordination and communication

· Vast experience in handling projects

· Cost-effective

· No delay in work

· Guaranteed solution

Reasons to Hire Angular Developers from Teclogiq?

· Well experienced Angular team

· Long-term package development

· Vast experience in Angular

· Strong NDA Sign

· Quick work time

· 100% transparency throughout the project

· Highest client satisfaction

· Transparent progress

· Active support


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