4 Ways to Improve Your Performance as an Athlete

As an athlete, you are constantly looking for ways to improve your performance. Whether this means shaving seconds off your running time, increasing your endurance, adding to your muscle mass or some other measuring point, there are some basics that you can implement to help you reach the particular goal you have in mind.

1. Make Hydration a Priority

You know how important staying hydrated is before, during and after you are pushing your body to perform but what about other times? By making sure that your body is well hydrated throughout the entire day and night — and not just when you are exercising — you will improve its ability to handle the extra effort you demand of it.

2. Eat Right

With this tip, the assumption is made here that you already know what to eat in order to gain the best results from your body. Instead, “eat right” refers to when you eat. Make sure that you stop eating three hours before you exercise or the start of your next game. This strategy provides your body with the ability to utilize its stores of glycogen more effectively and efficiently.

Once you have finished your workout or game, make refueling your body your number one job. Aim to eat within 30 minutes of completion — if possible — and focus on filling up on sources of high-quality protein and carbohydrates.

3. Manage Your Pain Effectively

If you are like many athletes, pain of some sort is an integral part of your daily existence. Aches and pains are often a byproduct of playing hard and pushing your body closer to its limits. Whether you suffer from ankle sprains, swimmer’s shoulder, muscle strains or some other ailment, without the proper treatment, your performance will likely suffer — often without you even being aware of it happening until after the fact. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) improves healing while reducing the pain associated with such injuries. IASTM is also an effective method of reducing the inflammation and scar tissue that are often the byproducts of such injuries. As a result, your range of motion is improved and increased.

4. Add the Right Foods to Your Diet

Going natural is the best strategy when it comes to your diet. This means eating sugar only sparingly and focusing more on whole foods. Salmon, for example, has reached its status as a “superfood” for good reason. Its omega-3 fatty acids support the functionality of your cells, reduce inflammation and assist your body in synthesizing protein. Fruits and vegetables with strong and vibrant colors contain greater amounts of nutrients. Beets, for example, help maintain a healthy circulatory system and boost your athletic performance.

Follow these four tips to help build a better foundation of performance and endurance. Tecinca Gavilan provides a manual therapy system that increases endurance and mobility while reducing pain and inflammation. Contact them today to learn more about their instruments, the benefits that other athletes have experienced with their treatment or to schedule an appointment.

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