3 best guard tour system to check in 2018

There is the digital solution for everyone needs to make the task more easy with reliable systems. we always try to make maximum task on automation using different gadget and software innovation that let us manage things more easily. similar technology implementation was seen in many management companies including security guard tour providers or security guard agencies. Security agencies started implementing latest tech gadgets and software to collect reliable solid data that can be used for reporting purposes.
There are many other benefits of having a security tour monitoring system and almost all big agencies adopted this type of software and gadgets to provide fully traced on-duty services to the clients.

Let’s take a look at 3 best guard monitoring software available in the market right now that you can select for your security guard agency.

GuardShield: (www.tecocraft.com)

GuardShield is the latest guard tour system that let you manage everything remotely and it includes very useful features including some latest ones.

GuardShield is the product of Tecocraft- a software development company. as tecocraft is reputed name in software development there is no doubt about the quality of the product.

why this product made first on this list? the GuardShield is built for high performance. it includes every feature you will find with other software suite plus you will find with improved abilities. the software contains a mobile application for guards that can run on any smartphone devices so you do not need to get high-cost equipment especially. it implements best 3 different technology for checkpoint tracking and the whole system is synced to the cloud. Tecocraft added many new features which seem necessary and make tasks efficient that you will not find in any other guard tour system available in the market.

You can get your own white label software suite or you can get the full system at a monthly subscription. most of the similar software come with the monthly service, but if you are planning long and want your own system developed you need to hire dedicated developers or development company. But with tecocraft’s GuardShield you can get it a fully white label.

Why trust this new product? it is hard to invest in any newcomer market products. But, if you see the development company working behind, your all doubts will be cleared. Tecocraft is well-known software development company having good experience in management system development. they have delivered many big scale projects with the excellent developer teams in each technology.

You can check all the features of ShieldGuard -guard tour system on tecocraft’s product page.


If you ever searched on google related to the guard management system, you know a bit about this guard tour software providers. they provide guard tour patrol system that comes with a mobile app and admin panel to monitor and handle everything. you can test the demo software on their website. Qrpatrol provides the system from a long time and it is reputed in the market. however, their monthly subscription plans may cost high and they do not provide white label software. 
the QR-patrol covers all basic needs that will help you handle your on-duty guard tour. 
you will find two different plans, QR-PATROL BASE and QR-PATROL PRO. that start with $39 / month and $78 per month respectively.