Apple’s Podcasts App for iPhone: All in One Place

The term “podcasting” first appeared thanks to the Guardian in 2004. One dozen years have passed, and look at us now — we regularly discover new podcasts striving to add more study and entertainment to the daily activity.

So, there is no big surprise numerous podcasting apps started to appear on the App Store. It seems like the iPhone is a perfect tool to keep up with the latest podcast releases.

Today, we’re going to discuss the overall trends in the field and Apple’s application as the easiest way to start your podcasting experience.

You Didn’t Even Know: How Podcasts Change the Year of 2017

What’s exactly happening now in the era of swiftly changing technologies? You might not expect that you as a podcast fan are a part of a huge community. Let’s check some fascinating statistics that we found thanks to Edison Research (the survey was held in America for English- and Spanish-speaking audiences).

  • Every year, more people discover podcasting and prefer to stay listening. Now, almost a quarter of American population listens to podcasts. Interestingly, there are more men than women are involved in this activity.
  • Have you ever noticed when exactly you turn on a podcast? And how much time do you spend listening? Imagine that there are 15% of regular listeners who share 10 hours or more of their time with the new audio data.
  • And finally, why do you think we’re so interested in the Podcasts app created by Apple? Mobile users are becoming closer to the smartphones every year — and it’s great to be sure they have the best instruments literally at their fingertips.

Quite impressive, isn’t it? If you’re not in good terms with podcasting, it’s about time to try it out. We will start with the easiest possible tool — the Podcasts app Apple itself recommends to use.

Learn more about searching, subscribing, and streaming in the Podcasts App’s for iPhone in our post