AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform: Comparison for 2017

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Jun 27, 2017 · 3 min read

The concept of network clouds once became a safe and convenient solution to store any amount of information. Instead of creating their own infrastructures to support internal systems and applications, businesses and individuals now use cloud services and share one common infrastructure.

Cloud computing becomes more and more popular. Now companies can focus completely on the product they’re creating without any worries on the infrastructure issue. If we learn carefully the situation on the market, we’ll see how many large companies have already taken the advantage of using cloud platforms. As for startups, they also prefer managing on the cloud to get rid of extra work and devote more time to the new product or service.

After realizing the importance of Internet services, the next step should be choosing the cloud that is just right for you. Newcomers may look at the price, but this is hardly the only important feature to consider.

Presently, there are three main market players that will take your attention: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google. These projects are competing with each other all the time, and their fierce battle has established low prices and an excellent set of features.

Getting to Grips with Each Other

This is the basic information about three platforms we’re going to compare:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the oldest and most experienced player on the market — it has 11 years in operation (established at the beginning of 2006). AWS has an extensive list of computing services with functions of deployment, mobile networking, and others.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) started their journey on October 6. 2011. For now, they’ve had 5 years during which they’ve managed to create a good presence in the industry. Initially, the push was done to strengthen their own services such as Google or YouTube. But they went further and created enterprise services — now anyone can use their cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure was presented in February 2010, and since then it has shown a great promise among its rivals. This platform can easily be associated with AWS — both of them provide their custom with a full set of services.

Studies show that one cloud solution may be the best for small startups but not enough for experienced enterprises. Concentrating on one cloud feature or on the budget, a decision can be made in the favor of one platform or another. So, the first step an entrepreneur should make is to meet his own expectations. When it’s done, the market would be ready for negotiations.

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