Best 8 Apple Apps for Logo Design

As we said before in our post about Android mobile logo applications, making an outstanding and memorable logotype isn’t, actually, a walk in the park. Professional artists could do a fantastic job but what about newbies or those force-major situations when you need an effective branding icon like yesterday? Undoubtedly, a tough task… However, it could be eased greatly by installing an iOS app for logo design. These awesome instruments will expand your creativity to another dimension and transform you into an expert in the field. Shall we check the best of them?

Lovable Eight of Free Logo Design Apps for iPad and iPhone

Indeed, the iTunes is crowded with mobile products for sketching, fonts making, icon’s customization, etc. And all you need for a start are just your Apple device, a touch of motivation and an hour of time or so. Okay, then where to begin, how to choose from such a variety? Keep reading, we have prepared for you a list of the most appreciated logo designing applications!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express (APE): Photo Editor Collage Maker

APE is first in our journey because it’s simply… a marvelous tool. It’s not directly for mobile apps logos making, but it’s still among the best photo-editing software representatives for the iPhone. After you’ve sketched your idea in some other app (like Adobe Ideas) or took a picture with your camera, you can upload files from your gadget, Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook, and Google Photos. Then, just go on: edit and customize the image, play with colors and borders, resize, make automatic collages, and share it via social network apps.

Among all enhanced features of the APE there is a cool widget that offers auto-generated collage-suggestions. Also, the app supports quite a number of formats for photos and raw images and you can even mark them with custom text or graphical watermarks.

Compatibility: iOS 9.3 or later; iPhone / iPad / iPod touch; multi-language support. Price: Free. Get it on iTunes

2. Sketch

Any artistic idea starts with sketches… Only now you don’t need a physical pen and a piece of paper — you have the gadget and mobile application! This Apple logo sketch tool is super simple, intuitive app that lets you create an app logo prototype within minutes, outlining it on digital paper. There is nothing complicated about this app. It’s the best choice for implementing your creativity sparks, and the note offers a wide range of samples.

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later; Price: Free. Get it on iTunes

3. Color Viewfinder

Any hardworking designer appreciates stunning and unique color palette with pleasant patterns. But those are really difficult to find. That’s why we decided to recommend the Color Viewfinder that helps you search for the color patterns just by pointing phone’s camera at anything you see. Then, just tweak the colors, make various palettes and used them anywhere.

And if this one isn’t enough for your goals, then try the Palette application that comes with nice features for colors selecting and comparing.

Price: Free. Get it on iTunes

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