How to Build a Mobile App with Machine Learning?

When I hear the words ‘machine learning’, the first thought that pops up in mind is the unforgettable impression of all those famous books, movies and TV-shows describing different sides of the artificial intelligence (AI). We are here and this is our future, can you imagine? AI is finally on the verge of the full-fledged existing, and it’s progressing and evolving, it’s helping people in so many spheres like finances, law enforcements, medicine, etc.

For example, one of the recent crashes and my most favorite TV-show is ‘Person of Interest’, where an AI helps a government and a group of other caring people to calculate possibilities of the crimes and to predict a possible perpetrator or a victim. Just a concept itself fascinates me so much, that I decided to mash my excitement with the latest top mobile app development trend for 2017 — machine learning science.

‘’Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data — such algorithms overcome following strictly static program instructions by making data-driven predictions or decisions through building a model from sample inputs.’’
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It’s a bit scary, right? Just to imagine that someday computers and robots will think and feel just like humans do. They could rise against us and overpower the humanity (hello there, my dear “Westworld’ and ‘Terminator’), they could take our jobs… Well, let me calm you down, this is still just our fantasies. Computers which can learn and adapt, in fact, more likely will be for the profit of humanity. On our behalf, it could save lives and resources…

So, for now, there is no drama, the people aren’t even reached the point where robots can mimic or learn natural behavior and humans’ emotion. And as for the Machine Learning concept, it’s more a list of algorithms for predictions based on the processed amount of information. Those results would ease our lives and save a lot of time and effort. It’s hardly an AI, but technologies are entwined, yes.

Machine Learning in Mobile App Development

Digital devices are everywhere, and little do we know, that it’s machine learning (ML) that makes it possible to implement in our gadgets’ functions image recognition, predictions based on user’s preferences, analysis and classification of a huge cluster of data.

In modern mobile devices, the machine learning algorithms can process a massive amount of information and define the patterns for significant improvement of the way our gadgets serve us.

And it was Google who pioneered with the usage of machine learning algorithms after they launched computer and mobile software that uses neural networks for language translation and speech recognition. The tendency was picked up by Amazon company with their intelligent personal assistant Amazon Alexa and Apple with their Siri platform. Also, machine learning technology is used by YouTube and Uber, Snapchat and Microsoft Cortana.

So, as you see, the expansion of the hot technology is just booming, a demand for intellectual mobile apps is high as never. The future is waiting just for you, jump on board!

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