Source Code Hosting Services: GitHub and 3 Alternatives

It’s important to know where to store all that tons of coded information working on the new application. We believe any developer has been there considering the right place to which he could entrust all the data.

A start has been made with web hosting, then, software hosts appeared creating what we know now as SaaS. And today, we’d like to discuss the third type of storing — source code hosting, how it differs, and what advantages it brings to the market.

When to Use Source Code Hosting Service

Source code hosting is also called a source code repository. No matter what name you like more, at its core, there is a solution for storing a big amount of the source code. This type of hosting can be private or public — it depends on the final goal. As you might have guessed, such repositories are the most convenient platform for open source projects.

There are three main uses of source code hosting services in the app development:

1. Creating and managing a new application

Firstly, you need to know that everything has been done in the right way. When you have all data gathered in one place, it’s easier to check the project from all sides and share it with other technicians. Source code hosting becomes an observation deck for the whole team.

2. 24/7 availability

This aspect concerns a free access to the application by both development team and wider audiences. The success of open source projects is based on the collective thinking, which would be impossible without this round-the-clock accessibility.

3. Security and backup

Any kind of a new software looks like a tempting candy for attackers from all over the world. Source repositories are the place which was created to supply you with the highest level of security. If you work on something really hard, you’d like to be sure you’re keeping secrets in the safe place. Hosting companies have dedicated their work to your serenity.

We’ll learn more on how exactly a company can use source code storing in our post

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