Why Does Every Company Need to Develop an Own Loyalty App?

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.” — Shep Hyken

When we go shopping, we aim to get all possible benefits. Nowadays it means you not only buy a cup of coffee but also look for discounts, special offers or any other additional bonuses. With your tangible cup of coffee, you also have an impression — positive feelings, kind of an entertainment.

You can’t touch this benefit, but its impact is rather strong and lasts longer than any energizing espresso. That’s why plenty of famous brands hire best developers to create a whole loyalty world with just one app. And now we’ll figure out all main points of its importance.

Latest research on mobile loyalty

According to the mobile consumer study held by Vibes, smartphone-accessible loyalty programs can impact positively on consumers’ perception. Hence, it leads to improvements in business reputation. Following data could be a useful tool for startup building or developing loyalty for old market players.

  • 73% of smartphone users would be interested in saving a loyalty card in Android pay or Apple Wallet for an iPhone — it’s more convenient than good old plastic cards.
  • 66% of consumers would have a more positive opinion about a loyalty program if it is accessible via a smartphone.
  • Only 13% of consumers don’t have any loyalty cards on their cell phones.
  • Messaging is extremely important! 77% of customers will gladly receive exclusive content and surprise points.

In 2017 to build a loyalty app for your business means to meet new market’s expectations. Due to eMarketer, the majority of marketers from the U.S. intend to spend more on customers’ loyalty the next year.

So, loyalty app developers should be very careful with a product they create. We deal with people’s choices and feelings.

To consider how exactly a loyalty application should prove itself we offer you our article with loyalty app components description https://tecsynt.com/blog/why-does-every-company-need-to-develop-an-own-loyalty-app

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