SB Nation. It’s a big-ass network of awesome. Awesome sports blogs. Awesomely talented writers. Awesome, passionate fans of every kind, for every team, across every sport. And gifs. Loads of awesome gifs. But after eight years of watching this network of awesome evolve and grow, we realized it was time…

A look at my painting process

I wrote a pretty extensive post about how I started writing and illustrating children’s books here. I promise this will be shorter.

For those who think my paintings/drawings/whateveryouwanttocallthem look pretty, I am going to break down the process real quick.

  1. A real loose sketch on paper
Loose sketch of
a dolphin—happened to be my daughters favorite
stuffed animal

2. Redraw that sketch on Dura-lar

How a dive injury led me down the path to write and illustrate children’s books

So… This story starts with water. My love of the water comes from my dad. He was a lifeguard at Jones Beach on Long Island for 13 years, and well — I think that after my brother and I were born, he placed us right in the ocean…

Ted Irvine

Former VP of Design @voxmediainc, currently working on a few things…

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