Self Representations on Social Media
Nathalie Nivasnanda

I wouldn’t say that social media is a rift between the front stage and back stage, I see it slowly becoming the only stage, with multiple performances going on all at one time. Say if you work on the internet and you write and post articles for a living, chances are you or your publication is going to expose that writing be exposing it on social media. To me, almost every different performance you put on the internet is traced back somewhere in the global stage of social media. And I don’t see the back stage as any form of stage, more like an underground hovel where the “performances” of anonymous users wash up on the social media stage at random.

My question is, when it comes to Beyonce and less being more on social media, do you think that only applies to famous people like her who are already widespread not only on the social media stage, but the world stage? I post very little on my social media and I don’t think anyone could care.

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