Apple map work This new patent appeal

According to foreign media, said Apple recently uncovered three patents for high-precision surveying and mapping, will further improve their map service.

Apple’s maps have been tepid, in order to map areas of empowerment, Apple has bought a number of maps and navigation services, which include Coherent, Locationary, Embark, HopStop, WifiSLAM, BroadMap, etc. Even so, Apple’s map still has great room for improvement.

From these three patents, Apple seems to be the original map of large-scale optimization. GUCCI iPhone 6

First patented in low signal strength areas shows a 3D map rendering system. According to the patent description, this system by obtaining data from nearby regions to create a more detailed 3D maps.

Second patent through multiple sets of data to create 3D models. Apple map by building 2D and 3D data rendering. GUCCI case for iphone

The third patent, Apple maps to satellite maps and data so as to provide an additional “hybrid” view. Apple map satellite view has been included on the part of the map data, making more accurate map showing details of the rich. Among them, the patent lists points of interest and the ways as a potential function, while existing options such as street names, cities, and bodies of water are still preserved.

The strategic significance of map-based application, if a big company does not have its own mapping service, is in many ways the competition subject. In addition, Apple’s self-driving car project was carried out in full swing, without dependence on the map. Industry insiders said, which is why Apple changed the perfunctory attitude of the past in recent years, began continuous acquisitions, consolidation, new patent applications so as to raise the level of their technology and services.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.

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