Freedom of expression issue Peekabow

Look familiar? As if a blustery head plug on the grass before the small clips make up! Givenchy iPhone case

Peekabow is a different from card issuers, card has 6 jacks on each Jack can be freely inserted decorative pieces. This design encourages children to observe the surroundings, insert decorative pieces can be flowers, leaves or is sticks, straws and so on, as long as they can get in, and it looks interesting. Different accessories selection, created the conditions for children to increase their curiosity and creativity, and encourages the free expression of the child.

Designer Oren Geva is Israel an industrial design student, has four sisters lived at home, perhaps she can be obtained from a variety of materials, the fundamental source of inspiration for toys created.

Well, but remember to be kind to flowers ~ Givenchy iPhone


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Originally published at on February 22, 2016.