How the fingerprint reader designed to achieve the best results

Use the fingerprint reader to unlock the phone or mobile payment has become pretty much a standard feature of the phone, it can be said all the high-end Smartphones has now configured the fingerprint reader. Hello Kitty cases

However, many mobile phone manufacturers have for design, performance considerations, and in the select where to place the fingerprint reader is not the same as design makes the phone stand out, after all, a very important part. We will see LG V10 integrated fingerprint reader on the power button, and Sony Xperia Z5 fingerprint reader is ran to the edge of the right side of the phone, Yes, there are rising last year, Huawei, they also have their own place a fingerprint reader experience.

As to what kind of fingerprint reader is best? This may be a matter of personal preference, but, all things considered, maybe design in front of the phone is the best.

Imagine your cell phone are lying on the table, chat notifications to, we just want to look at the notifications and quick response, or if you want to immediately turn on the phone listening to music if the fingerprint reader is placed in front of the phone, you do not need additional action can accomplish these things. If the fingerprint reader is placed in the back of the phone, then we need to unlock the device, if the fingerprint reader is designed at the edges, so we still need to carefully touch the phone looking for sensors from a convenience standpoint, fingerprint reader design in front of the phone seems to be the best.

Secondly, the fingerprint reader should be separated from the power button. Yes, under ideal conditions, fingerprint readers have the ability to wake the phone, for example, it can be built into the physical Home button, like the Samsung Galaxy devices. However, perhaps we should keep the phone’s power button its functionality, if we just want to check the time, we do not need to unlock the phone, but now, fingerprint reader response so fast, we only need to contact Home keys, cell phone unlock soon, although it is convenient, but in a sense, redundant.

But we must understand that those fingerprint reader set to power button in the smart-phone, in general we can double-click the screen to unlock the phone, the wake function no doubt is a good addition.

Taken together, the design most reasonable fingerprint readers, both places where reasonable, and cannot appear in some exotic location, and reaction speed to keep up with the trend, of course, but also safe and convenient to use and reliable.

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Originally published at on January 30, 2016.