Samsung VR glasses development browser enables Web that surrounds you

Although the VR technology that is the most exciting player, but it already is not limited to games. Samsung recently open technologies–designed for Gear built by VR browser. It is the future of Web browsing, please?

Gear VR is owned by Samsung for mobile phones to create VR glasses, as long as the cell phone into the mix of specialized applications will be able to enjoy immersive virtual reality experience. After several improvements, by the year 2015, it has been recognized in many people.

Gear VR dedicated browsers will fully use virtual reality technology to create 360 ° experience. We can see from the screenshot, user page labels will all be surrounded, much like the scene in the science fiction film. Open a Web page, content is here. If watching video experience even better, so looks really small theater feel.

Worth mentioning is that the browser supports “staring mode”, that is, users can use gaze to complete the operation, replacing the hand movements of the time. In addition, Samsung also provides a virtual keyboard voice commands and auxiliary operations. Hello Kitty iPhone 6 Plus Case

This browser has now Oculus store shelves, note that it only supports Samsung device–Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+, and Galaxy and Galaxy Note 4 Note 5.

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Originally published at on December 2, 2015.