Scary pictures Lumia 950 detailed evaluation

After 1.5 years, start-up after Microsoft buy Nokia flagship models, Lumia 950 himself how many Nokia’s shadow? It can overturn our views on Lumia phone has always been? Before getting a machine, the author’s mind is filled with all kinds of questions, I hope that readers can find your answer in this article.

Specifications aspects, Lumia 950 using a 5.2 inches of 2K AMOLED screen, used mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 808 SoC, memory for 3GB LPDDR3,ROM for 32GB (support Micro SD extended), camera still for 20 million pixel, equipped with optical anti-shake, single pixel size for 1.12 μ m, sensor size for 1/2.4, battery capacity for 3000mAh, although equipped with has mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 808, but just support mobile/Unicom double 4G, Charge head for 5V/3A, supports the fast charge using USB Type-C interface, although Lumia 950 is not equipped with the popular fingerprinting, but it more iris recognition.


We got nothing but Lumia 950, and it’s important annex Display Dock docking station, both on the package is “Microsoft” is simply a smaller version of the Surface Pro 4 packages. After you open the Lumia 950 packaging, I can see a Lumia 950 ontology, a charge with line head, a USB Type-C cables, a pair of ear plugs. And Display Dock docking station here is a phenomenon, a charge with line head, a pair of USB Type-C cables.

Remove entities touch keys and 2.5D glass Lumia 950 does not like Nokia’s works, can see a circle of plastic wrapping around the screen, front we can see a Microsoft Microsoft Logo below the receiver, camera press focused on the right side of the phone, USB Type-C interface in the lower fuselage, the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the phone.

In line with the iris recognition, Lumia 950 in the top of the screen, with infrared transmitters and receivers, iris recognition under low light. YSL iPhone 5 Case

Lumia 950 Logo is on the back of a metal material, and its speaker opening next to the camera.

Accessories, it is equipped with a pair of earplugs, its styling is similar to Apple EarPods somewhat, the standard charge for 5V/3A, whether it is charging the line or additional USB data cable is a very solid compared to other smart phone wiring, Lumia 950 lines of big and black.

Display Dock docking station with 7 interface, one of which is located in development of back, used to connect mobile phone, while the other 6 interface, has a USB Type-C plugged, there are 3 USB ports, a DP, HDMI.


Lumia 950 is 5.2 inch 2K AMOLED screen, use Yue (ClearBlack) technology, through our testing, which covers 95%sRGB,72%AdobeRGB, the system default colors the color temperature of the screen near the 7400K, the average Delta E is 2.41 from color field you can see, this is a special adjustment of AMOLED screen, probably in order not to appear too bright colors directly narrow the gamut.

As is the AMOLED screen, its contrast of natural needless, and brightness, its highest at 300nits brightness, while top center white brightness around 270, although the brightness distribution is more uniform, but low.


System aspects, Lumia 950 of Windows 10 does and zhiqian of Windows Phone 8.1 has many different, these different most is from system logic Shang of, including file management device, and set, and music and so on are has a unit thick of Windows 10 wind, system since with of music now into has Groove (and desktop Windows 101 to), and and like you in set lock screen time of when, now you is in “account” in the set, Previously was in “unlock screen”, there are many such examples, including drop down the notification bar, Microsoft did was obviously do not want users to use their cell phones Windows 10 and desktop Windows differentiate 10 strictly, producing an illusion it was Windows 10.

Mobile version Windows 10 although made has many improved, but still no solution zhiqian Windows Phone 8 years generation large lack application of characteristics, even you buy has Lumia 950, you still cannot with it to called Express, and also cannot called hungry has you, and beauty mission, and Baidu and so on outside sold, just exists of App also has large problem, like paid treasure large function missing, and QQ cannot received red, and sweep code, micro-letter missing large micro-letter game, and missing large game App. Windows 10 App ecosystem is the fatal problem. Microsoft wanted to increase the enthusiasm of developers by UWP to change the App ecosystem, but it will take some time.


Lumia 950 use Xiao long 808 SoC, because Windows 10 lack of perfect running software like iOS/Android, so we compared data cannot be run with Android/iOS. But to mycophenolate mofetil Dragon 808 only has 14.9GB/S of bandwidth, and Lumia 950 is is 2K resolution of screen, bandwidth insufficient will must degree of effect machine of smooth sex, and in measured among, 3GB of memory also is enough Lumia 950 meet various situation, but in here still to stressed, for currently of Windows 10 phone for, even performance up has, no quality of App/game, that also no Chai Yu fill.



Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge (original 100%) YSL iPhone 5 Case

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge (original 100%)

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge (original 100%)

Special tip: Lumia 950 pictures of speed is normal, but when opening the picture viewer, when almost every picture should be “picture is polished,” this step, the most likely guess is Lumia 950 uses a similar Nexus series “HDR+” effects.

Lumia 950 used 20 million pixel sensors, CMOS size 1/2.4, per pixel area is 1.12 μ m, uses contrast AF, and our Galaxy S6 edge to use Sony IMX240 sensor, 16 million pixels CMOS size 1/2.6, per pixel area is 1.12 μ m, hybrid AF. Seen from the hardware parameters, Lumia 950 has a larger advantage, but we have also seen several sensors are actual photos of the phone but not satisfying.

Actually, in we of day actual test view, Lumia 950 of day photo also does is strong, we using has is located in now phone photo top ranks of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with compared, Lumia 950 in photos of tolerance, and analytical force, and sharp of this several aspects are show out has overwhelming sex advantage, especially in second group proofs in the, Lumia 950 even can took out sky in the clouds and sky of part, and Galaxy S6 Edge partly blown into a piece of white in the sky. And we already see Lumia Lumia 950 white balance, white balance it properly.


Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy 100% original S6 edge (Lumia 950 advantages)

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge (original 100%)

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy S6 edge

Left: Lumia 950 right: Galaxy 100% original S6 edge (Lumia 950 advantages)

Left: Lumia 9,501 direct cannot focus successfully right: Galaxy S6 edge turn on night mode

At night, Lumia 950 is equipped with optical image stabilization, its performance is also very good at night, especially after the 100% amplifier, its reservations to the details as well as the control of light compared with the Galaxy S6 edge of less than. But in the end a group of ultra • night scene, Lumia 950 focus anyway cannot focus is successful, this is a bad experience, but this appears only once, while Galaxy S6 edge in this scenario automatically turn on night mode (other scenes are not open), the effect is very against Heaven.

Iris recognition

Input of IRIS

Recognition of IRIS, on the upper right corner of the IR transmitter to open

IRIS unlock process

Lumia 950 iris recognition is equipped with infrared sensors that can receive/transmit infrared signals, its entry will open the iris recognition IRIS infrared, unlike many local mobile phone “eye pattern recognition” is quite different, Lumia 950 as equipped with infrared emitters, we even in low light conditions, it can still be successfully identified the IRIS.

Although can guarantee in low light and high light of situation Xia recognition IRIS, but it of Iris recognition on distance also has must requirements, eyes cannot distance phone sensor Taiyuan, and too near is no of, this iris recognition of actual solutions lock speed and currently mature of fingerprint recognition compared is slightly not mature, but this eyes see with phone on can solutions lock of feel is very dream ~

Display Dock docking station

Left: the virtual keyboard is right: the virtual touchpad

App on the phone cannot be used

Unable to play non-H5 video

Playable mobile version of the page (H5) video

Author also admitted, dang I with Lumia 950 points bright display of that moment, Continuum of interface does let I moments excited has, but Dang I calm down, again see Continuum of interface, we will found, it still is a Taiwan phone, it cannot run X86 program, cannot play domestic most of video website of video, cannot open any third party of App, even it is UWP version of QQ.

Continuum’s interface will look like a computer, because you can also connect the mouse and keyboard, and even when you’re not even the mouse/keyboard or by Lumia 950 own virtual buttons/touch pad instead. But it’s really only a little, as I was saying, could not see the video, unable to use the App, only Web browsing, editing documents and playing video. For now, Continuum that is not practical, future there should be a third party App Support Continuum, as far as their quantity/quality, it would have been hard to say.

The fast charge and battery life

Lumia 950 since with of charging head is 5V/3A, battery is 3000mAh, due to it of charging head is attached line of, so we cannot with normal equipment measurement it of charging data, so we full of from 0% filling to 100% calculation has charging time, full electric need 99 minutes, filling 10 minutes can filling to 20%, 20 minutes can filling to 33%, fast filling performance General, but also is than general charging of speed fast many.

Because Lumia 950 does not have our usual battery life tests that a few big games, so battery life tests fail, I choose Internet battery life tests at the power 87%, 50% 10 minutes under the power stick microblogging Web browsing, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, remaining capacity is 77%, power 10%, power in General.


Lumia 950 has no shadow of Nokia, due to reasons, Lumia 950 in the App ecosystem still is not perfect. Lumia’s flagship feature is the use of Iris recognition, and it’s very frightening picture, and Display Dock docking station can only be regarded as a toy, Continuum features flashy. Overall, the Lumia Lumia of the 950 is a very special mobile phone, in addition to lack of App, on the other, it is not going to let Lumia powder down.


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Originally published at on August 1, 2016.

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