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Although a lot of people bashing Microsoft, but there are people who are willing to come out for the recent NFL “Surface” defense. The cause was set up before the Patriots game against the Denver Broncos, the Patriots used the Microsoft Tablet Surface “seems to be faulty.” These computers connected to a private wireless networks, subject to this restriction, the team cannot run before browsing events in real time picture and the opposing team’s application. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

BetaNews Mark Wilson claimed to foreign media are not fans of any sport, but my headlines timeline was “Surface” on topics related to the bombing. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Rational points, even if you ridicule as a result Surface than previously with the iPad, but it ultimately was not Microsoft or its Tablet Surface frying pan.

It is regrettable that, like fair weather media and angry black on a Microsoft Cluster surge, and then reluctantly admit that the fault was not caused by the Surface itself (such as the guardian of Samuel Gibbs).

Although the wireless in the ventilation of the venue, but the solution is very simple, into a wired network will be complete. A confused face and lay the gun after Microsoft issued a declaration:

Led by the team confirmed that the problem is not the tablet itself, but the site network. With the help of partners, we will soon solve network problems.

Refer to these words, Samuel Gibbs was added the words “whether the Tablet their reasons? “(whether or not the tablets themselves were at fault… )。

While Gibbs’s article “is technically correct”, but it’s very misleading. Is awkward, angry black Microsoft Gibbs wasn’t the only one, and the article has countless of facts are widely spread out.

In addition, individual players were still complaining on Twitter, and perhaps they have encountered similar problems. Wasted 20 minutes time, after all, who needs a vent on the punching bag. (Between Microsoft and the NFL this year is really a bad start)

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Originally published at on January 26, 2016.

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